Tonight our first Climate and Ecological Debate kicks off at Easton Community Centre in #BristolWest. We're having a slightly delayed start because MP Thangam Debbonaire is running late, but the hall is packed. We'll live tweet what's happening! #ClimateElection #GeneralElection
"I wonder what the famous Brenda of Bristol is saying now - three elections in four years." Chair Mark Smalley opens the evening. #ClimateElection
"Politics has got very nasty, so we're hoping this debate is going to be different. We ask everyone to show respect to each other. We need to work together to solve the #ClimateCrisis." #GeneralElection2019 #BristolWest
Local MP @ThangamMP and @carla_denyer (Green) are in attendance. @suriaaujla (Conservative) and @NeilPpc (Brexit Party) declined our invitations and are represented by empty chairs. #ClimateElection
"The country - Europe - the world needs to change fast to avoid climate chaos." @carla_denyer
"It's hard to think about Climate change if you're worried about feeding your kids." @ThangamMP says this is why Labour is proposing a Green New Deal.
The floor's now opening to questions - we're encouraging people who don't usually speak to ask questions or write them down. #ClimateElection #BristolWest
First question is about nuclear weapons. Thangam says Labour supports multilateral nuclear disarmament. Carla says the Green Party is absolutely against nuclear weapons and believes money should be spent on renewable energy. #ClimateElection
"Fossil fuels to renewable energy isn't a like for like swap. We need to accomplish the transition in dialogue with the trade union movement." - @ThangamMP #ClimateElection #BristolWest
MPs are asked about meat eating. Thangam says Labour doesn't have a policy but she and two other Bristol Labour MPs are vegan and can raise the issue in the party. Carla says the Greens support making reduced meat consumption easier and more affordable. #ClimateElection
Carla says some of the trade union movement are still focused on jobs at all costs, even in destructive industries, but she hopes that will change soon. #BristolWest #ClimateElection
"What we've put in the manifesto is what we feel we can afford and justify at the moment." Thangam when asked why the Labour manifesto proposals aren't enough to get to carbon neutrality.
Carla says the Green proposals will achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and are about systematic change. #ClimateElection
Carla says the Bristol air pollution proposals are 'better than nothing' but she's concerned about the methodology.
Thangam says a Labour government would introduce the tools to tackle air pollution, including publicly owned rail and buses and better funding for councils.
Thangam says she opposes Bristol Airport expansion and Heathrow expansion because they're incompatible with climate goals. #ClimateElection
Thangam says some people will still need to use cars, so Labour will support a system change to electric vehicles. Carla says road building has to stop, which is in Green manifesto. #ClimateElection #BristolWest
Mark (in chair) puts the argument that we can have environmental action or economic growth, but we can't have both, and asks the candidates to respond. #ClimateElection
Thangam says she supports "good green growth", with good quality jobs, a good quality of life and a well-regulated market. #ClimateElection
Carla says economic growth isn't the main measure of national wellbeing. A Green New Deal is a stepping stone to a better society. #ClimateElection
Carla says Green Party would increase tax on corporations to 24% to fund environmental policies. She says #ecocide "should and must be a crime." #ClimateElection
Thangam says she doesn't agree ecocide should be a crime because she doesn't believe in creating new crimes, but Labour would incorporate aspects of ecocide law into new ecological protections.
Candidates are asked about #HS2. Carla says the Greens would scrap HS2 and give money to councils to invest in sustainable transport. #ClimateElection
Thangam says Labour support HS2 but would also invest in rail electrification, transporting more freight by rail and more bus transport. #ClimateElection #BristolWest
Thangam says Labour will work with the trade unions to help people transitioning from working in fossil fuel industry to green industry. Carla says workers must be "absolutely front and centre" of Green New Deal. #ClimateElection
Thangam says Labour supports more public ownership of land. Land, soil and water are public goods. #ClimateElection
Candidates are asked about 5G Internet. Carla says she's not convinced 5G causes harm but she supports further research and perhaps putting the 5G expansion in public hands.
Thangam says she also supports further research. Internet expansion isn't just about 5G - perhaps we should look at more ways of spending time together communally. #ClimateElection #BristolWest
Next question is about replacing gas cookers and boilers. Carla says she supports it. It will create green jobs and is "surprisingly affordable and doable."
Thangam says Labour wants to upgrade all homes so they're renewable and fuel efficient. They will look at new ways of heating and put fuel companies in public ownership. #ClimateElection #BristolWest
Thangam says Labour will make it cheaper and easier to travel by rail. #ClimateElection #BristolWest
Next question is about Friday's #ClimateStrike. Thangam says she won't be able to be there because of election commitments but absolutely supports the youth strikers. Carla will be there. #ClimateElection #BristolWest
Thank you so much to @ThangamMP and @carla_denyer, and to the people of #BristolWest for coming! We're hosting five more Climate and Ecological Debates in the other Bristol constituencies - we hope you can come. Don't forget - vote for the future of our planet! #ClimateElection
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