If South India gets separated, the biggest losers will be our #Telugu states(Trilinga Desam🕉️ in your bio).

Already we have water issues b/w states; then we have to fight with another nation for #Godavari & #Krishna.

So only a "dumb" Telugu will even think of separation.

(1/n) https://twitter.com/CrazyyReddy/status/1198700422501928962
We Telugus know importance of both the rivers, many of their tributaries originating outside South India & we DON'T WANT SEPARATION from North at all.

Without those waters, our land will become desert. I was born in Krishna district, brought up in West Godavari district &

We treat both rivers sacred.
Ask any person from Godavari districts on "GODAVARI WATER FEELING."

If only we have enough water, then we can give it to #Chennai by #TeluguGangaProject:

We have seen water crisis in #Tamilnadu:

This is about water(basic need).

There are countless subjects, relations, resources on which NORTH INDIA AND SOUTH INDIA ARE DEPENDENT ON EACH OTHER.


What's #CowBelt? Call it Hindi belt. Cow is sacred to us South Hindus too:

Only you are giving funds from South? BJP is largest party in South in LS MPs. So you can say many BJP voters are also funding.

& All states are contributing for India's growth, culture. So stop hating North India. Give and receive mutual respect.


There's a section in South India called #Dumeels:

On online, some of them are still vouching for #Dravidanadu which was propagated by #SouthIndianJinnahPeriyar:

Some ignorants are also falling for such dangerous propaganda.

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