Himself just asked me: "Does that mean that Ann Doherty starts all road meetings reading an email from someone who cycles?" 🤣

A scout does smile and and whistle under all circumstances, even when facing non-constructive discourse. #CyclingSparksJoy #Allocate4Cycling https://twitter.com/SamMcCormack97/status/1198964992537767936
After the meeting ft. the good @SamMcCormack97, I'll say I came out sad. We don't expect things to be done overnight. We're grown ups, we know that things take time, but the willingness has to be there. #Allocate4Cycling
We can't be waiting 10 or 15 years for the big promised scheme, there are small - discrete initiatives that could be started now that would make the city better for ppl on bikes. #Allocate4Cycling.
We mentioned the need to have more bike parking available (we got there and all the stands were full!), the need to remove abandoned bikes, repair stands and just add more. We see that they're piloting the removal of abandoned bikes [crossing our fingers!] #Allocate4Cycling
I mentioned the fact that many of the traffic lights along my commute are sensor activated, and they don't acknowledge my presence [yet ppl wonder why ppl on bikes jump lights!]; about making some laneways two ways for bikes... #Allocate4Cycling
We talked about protecting our existing cycling lanes; just explained why we are so anxious to improve things; about making our city friendly for all ppl on bikes, from 5 to 95, for disabled ppl. #Allocate4Cycling #CyclingForAll
We also talked about equality, about the ppl who would like to cycle but are too afraid to do so with the current state of the roads, about ppl living in #DirectProvision who can't get driving licences, about the #ClimateEmergency.
I'll add that there were several mentions of extreme positions, compromising, as if we're some 🚲fundamentalists. Like is it extremist that I want to make it home alive? Are ppl on bikes not compromising enough as it is with the current infrastructure? #Allocate4Cycling
Anyhow, we'll keep at it, as no one has more resilience or matches our practical, tactical brilliance. If you join us right now, together we can turn the tide! #Allocate4Cycling

[BTW, not sad anymore, I cycled home and even after a tough day #CyclingSparksJoy]
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