I participate in the #mentalhealth community on Twitter, and often feel like professionals in the field are reluctant to [don't] share my insightful #LivedExperience comments b/c I don't have academic credentials, but they gladly share other professionals' book-learned comments.
This is a concern as there is only so much you can learn from a book, usually written by someone without serious mental health issues, but so much more than you can learn from someone with lived experience.
Also, when sharing lived-experience, it allows others who may feel the same way, to relate & forge the movement forward, providing professionals with more insight.

Please don't shut me out/shut me up.
I'm so happy that this thread is being noticed, and to see such a positive response from the academic and professional communities.
All who've interacted on this thread, you are the leaders in this field; you are leading much-needed change!
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