My article on women's political mobilization in response to conflict-related sexual violence is #openaccess this month. A reminder that women play active roles in resistance. Below follows a selection of great work on #CRSV, #VAW and women's resistance #orangetheworld
On the topic of violence against women generally, few works have had a stronger impact on me and have been more revelatory than Liz Kelly's book "Surviving Sexual Violence", which exposes the linkages between gender discrimination and VAW:
And, for the quantitative-minded amongst us, the most comprehensive cross-national data collection effort on CRSV is the Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict dataset (SVAC) by D. Cohen & @ragnhildnordas: 
Of course, this is just a snapshot of all the interesting research that is being done on conflict-related sexual violence & violence against women in war. Feel free to add your own and others' work to the thread.
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