Fact: You can support big federal plans to curb housing costs/invest in housing while still acknowledging the need at the state/local level to tackle exclusionary zoning that keeps the supply low and locks low-income people & people of color out of prosperous neighborhoods.
Is increasing the housing supply the only solution? No.

Housing is an area where many solutions working together yields the best results, including dollar investments/cost caps.

“There's not really a one size fits all solution here,” says @leagueofcities legislative director.
But what some miss about upzoning is that it’s not just about supply. It’s also about integration.

Even if you can afford your housing, the neighborhood it’s in has huge implications for income, health, education, etc. Zoning is in part how de facto segregation is done.
Some people hear upzoning and envision big “luxury apartments” popping up in their neighborhood. Not the case. We’re talking about lots that are zoned for single-family units only but could accommodate dense housing like duplexes, townhouses, or cottages.
We also shouldn’t forget that putting more $$ in the pockets of the working class is affor. housing policy too. If we:

- Raise the min. wage
- Strengthen collective bargaining
- Bring down other costs like healthcare, education, and childcare

We make housing more affordable.
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