"In a 2006... conservative Baptist scholar David P. Gushee noted with concern that narratives of cultural complaint and despair now common on the evangelical right share much in common with similar narratives that flourished in pre-fascist and pre-World War Two Germany." https://twitter.com/JYSexton/status/1171891957314019328
2) "The Dolchstoßlegende, the “stab in the back” myth, blamed the German loss in World War One on a Jewish conspiracy, and related narratives blamed Jews as well for crime, economic hardship and alleged immorality. In his lectures Gushee warned,"
3) "Conservative American evangelicals in recent decades have been deeply attracted to a parallel narrative of cultural despair… While very few conservative evangelicals come into the vicinity of Hitler in hatefulness..."
4) "elements similar to that kind of conservative-reactionary-nationalist narrative can be found in some Christian right-rhetoric:"
5) "...anger at those who are causing American moral decline, fear about the future, hatred of the “secularists” now preeminent in American life, and the search for scapegoats."

from "Christians Rewrite the Holocaust" http://zeek.forward.com/articles/116292/
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