Many people, most notably @jordanbpeterson, talk about the importance of making one's bed. I've heard and nodded along and never actually did it. I recently started and it was life-altering. I think no one knows why, so they just make up reasons it. Here's the true reason:
Making your bed improves your relationship to yourself. Once you come home at night you've forgotten it's made and become gratefully surprised by the effort past-you put in for present-you. You want to extend the favor to future-you. This makes lowers your time preference. Thus..
you enter in a positive self-sustaining feedback loop in the way you relate to yourself, wanting to invest more and more into the improvement of your future-self's present. This then starts extending to other material alterations to the environment and soon enough your whole...
environment is *nothing* but reminders of how much effort love and care past-you put for you. This makes you feel grateful appreciated and loved which makes you safe to keep investing. The loop keeps iterating. Life is now great.
Making own bed also exploits the fact of doing something for others is spiritually beneficial. Religious traditions emphasise it, lose your ego people do too, as did he last psychiatrist. Working out to look good for yourself vs for your wife are 2 very different things.
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