Even moar...
These people are crooks...
We were finding our own demise through Soros operations...
So much fraud & we financed it all with taxpayer money.

Through Big Tech
Through C_A black ops
Through fake foundations/institutions/charities

How much are WE willing to pay?

Asleep too long - WE should demand audits!

@realDonaldTrump is only president to stop bogus aid
The “Iran Deal” was just another way for our politicians and global players to pocket more money.

It was always about the money & NOT security

Why would Iran threaten to expose “side deals” if this was above board and not just back channel funding scheme to world politicians
Think logically...

Why would we need pallets of cash of this was truly about security and a non nuclear Iran?

Why were the payments so secret of this was above board and truly about national security?

It was about casb flow for EU & corrupt American politicians lining pockets
Moar on Iran deal and corrupt EU and US politicians...
See a pattern?

Think Iran deal
Think Paris Climate Accord
Think North Korea
Think Ukraine

There is so much more and ALL was used to fund corrupt politicians, institutions, foundations, charities etc

Dems have the nerve to accuse of bribery & kickbacks?

EVERYTHING was for sale, to make Dems (some Reps) rich, INCLUDING children!

These people are sick

We were funding all of their disgusting deeds, programs and illegal schemes cloaked as treaties or aid

Sheep no more!
Facebook masquerading as a friendly social media platform, all the while, donating to Democrat (or other fraudsters in Govt) politicians and “causes”.

Politicians then access campaign funds for personal use.

Starting to see how they all get rich on Govt salaries?
Title of this post says it all

Money, Power, Control...
I am running out of descriptors!

More corruption, more theft, more fleecing of “We the people”

NOTHING they do has our best interest in mind...NOTHING!
America for sale - corruption runs deep

Side note - Q and Potus were taking about Biden/China corruption long before he announced run.

How could anyone believe that Biden story had anything to do with 2020?

It had everything to do with him selling his office

Date of post
They ALL have foundations and institutes

Ukrainian Victor Pinchuk was biggest donor to Clinton Foundation. His father, former president of Ukraine

Democrats picked the wrong hill (Ukraine) to die on...

It was a deep state slush fund and playground
Follow the money, it’s ALWAYS about the money...
$1.7 billion in cash to Iran and nobody in congress or DOJ investigates why?

Why not?

Easy answer...
No Name (McCain) had an institute too? Ya don’t say...

He was a traitor of the highest order!
LOOP Capital and pay to play

Side note - Loop is a HUGE rabbit hole and well worth digging on your own!
Moar Foundations and institutes

Maxine Waters, on of many to become multi millionaire while in office
“US taxpayer funding the scams”

Paris Accord
Red Cross
Foreign Aid
Moar Iran deal...

This is sick, these people are sick...
“America for sale”

It will all come out and [they] will pay!
Moar LOOP...

Pay to play
What is Senator Schumer hiding?

New York Corruption...
They never thought she would lose

Obama was scandal free?

This goes deep and it’s why they are panicking so...
Don’t just follow the money...

Follow the wives, the families, the foundations etc
Rothschilds = Central Banks

The Federal Reserve is NOT a government institution

Blackmail -> Slush funds -> Settlements
Focus on Obama...

How much was he worth before running for president?

How much after?

How is this possible? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Uranium One deal and Iran

Who benefited?

Clinton Foundation and so many more
One of my favorites!

Why Donald J Trump? @realDonaldTrump

He has money and fane...

They were destroying our country America was for sale

He couldn’t be bought, thus controlled

That scares the hell out of [them]

God bless this man!
Who has all the wealth and how did they get it?

This has been going on a very long time...
“What does money buy?”
“List the billionaires”
Bin Laden family - Saudi Arabia - 9/11 - foundations

Who benefited?

These people truly are sick!
Saudi Arabia and foundations

Pelosi Foundation

Bush family

I forgot to mention the Podesta group in the last one
Awan group, Muslim Brotherhood and Huma

Awans money laundering through access to House Democrats

Muslim Brotherhood given unprecedented access to our Govt through Obama and staff on one hand and HRC & Huma in the other
Obama Net Worth

How much was he worth before and after?

Clinton Foundation - how much money are they raising now that she has ZERO influence

Maxine Waters?

There is a pattern
Why do democrats need to control the black population?

Keep them poor and in need, why?

Why do black politicians, media, Hollywood echo the Dem talking points

A con game the Democrats have run on everyone but specifically, black Americans

Clinton Foundation

What happened in Haiti?

Where did the money go?

Where did the Haitian children go?

Huge trafficking operation masked by a foundation

One of many!

Look at the donors! What is owed? How can she repay without power?

They never thought she would lose
Follow the money, it’s the key!

Why do we allow Soros to fund groups that hate us?

He does this all over the world! He is now throwing big money into small races like State Attorney General. Think about the effect of corrupt local politics and multiply

No more!
Uranium one scandal

Please do this - just research the people involved in Uranium One

Who was in office?
Who voted for it?
Who oversaw agencies who oversee these types of deals?
Fbi Director?
Sec of State?

EVERY ONE of them is against @POTUS

This thread came about because I was working on something else and put a search term in Qmap(dot)pub (why would Shitter censor?)

You can do this with any subject & relevant Q posts will be in front of you

You can redpill lots of people with this

It’s undeniable truths
It is a powerful tool.

Play with the features and toolbar

Key players
CEO resignations
Sealed indictments
Q proofs
Human trafficking and more

We really do have it all
“However may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government,
destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

– George Washington (1789-1797)
After all of that now listen to the entire video.

He told us exactly what he was going to do and has “taken the slings & arrows” for us!

He tells you exactly how it has always worked & what he would do to stop it. I believe he has, for the most part.

It explains their panic
He can not be bribed or blackmailed or bought off.

A rare breed in DC and it’s why they hate him so badly.

They are venomous toward him because he is exposing their corruption & sickness

God bless @realDonaldTrump , #QAnon & the patriots!

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