Authors. Are. Human.
Be considerate of their sense of being in these conference spaces. Especially BIPOC authors. They don't owe us anything. They do not exist in this space solely for us to take from them. Things I witnessed around @JasonReynolds83 & @getnicced at #NCTE19...
They're in a convo in the hall & a line forms to talk to them. They're on their way somewhere & keep getting stopped. They say they have to go or no to a pic & teachers insist or just do it anyway. If you don't have consent, if it would exhaust you, why do it to them?...
If they are taking a break, allow them a quiet moment. Teachers want to share love for authors & excitement for their work & its impact on kids, but we need to respect authors as people & their needs as humans. Sometimes that means stepping away, walking by, & giving them space.
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