All billionaires are immoral. THREAD:
To clarify:

All billionaires are immoral, not because of their actions, but simply because they exist.

There is an amount of wealth that a person can possess that, simply by possessing it, makes one immoral.
To expand:

While the line of demarcation between moral and immoral wealth is unknown, it is safe to say that anyone currently holding a billion dollars left that line in the rearview a long time ago.

Change the currency from wealth to, for example, food. Or medicine. Then ask if hoarding so much of either that it could never be used makes one immoral.

It does.

If hoarding more food or medicine than one can reasonably use makes on immoral, why would we allow anyone to hoard wealth like we do, and then celebrate those who do so as if they are somehow the pinnacle of human success?

The reality is, they are quite the opposite.

Many billionaires became such by building businesses, and those businesses employ people and support families. Granted, but that is not why those businesses exist. That's simply a by-product of wealth creation. The evidence is in the low wages.
What all children know:

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Our wealthiest have the ability to be superheroes. They only lack the will.
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