How Canadians confuse the world:
We measure outside temp in Celsius and oven temp in Fahrenheit
Length in meters and our height in feet
Cheese is weighed in kilograms but people are in pounds
We speak like Americans, spell like Brits and randomly throw in French words
How Canadians Confuse the World Part Deux:
If it's a light snowfall we measure it in centimeters, if it's a big snowfall - feet
We measure driving distance in hours instead of kilometers. E.g. How far is it from Calgary to Vancouver? Oh, about 11 hours.
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How Canadians Confuse the World Part III:
We measure liquids in litres, unless it's for a recipe - then it's in cups.
Property is measured in hectares, but house size is by square footage
Football fields are in yards, swimming pools are in metres.
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We have a Westminster Parliamentary system, but use dollars and cents not pounds and pence.

Our maple syrup is $1,800 per barrel, our oil is $40 per barrel, yet no maple lobbyists are demanding we pay for a maple syrup pipeline.

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