I’ve been seeing a lot about independent reading lately and it’s importance. I used to be a strong advocate for SSR time in my room. I thought if all kids spent 15 minutes reading their choice books then we would see amazing things. I was wrong. Most couldn’t read the words 1/4
We spent weeks practicing how to build stamina instead of actual instruction. Free Choice reading can be great...if students can read the print on the page. We wasted time. My students now spend a lot of time reading dec. practice text and are so engaged because they can 2/4
read the print. Their reading is skyrocketing. How can we still foster student choice and ind. reading with those beautiful classroom books? Encourage students to read after breakfast. My students take books with them when we go to lunch and take RR breaks. Whenever we have 3/4
A free minute they can choose. This allows them the opportunity but doesn’t take any of our precious direct instructional time away. It also helps fill in gaps where students otherwise are restless or have to sit silently after eating etc.. and lets them engage in their books 4/4
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