2- Two weeks of a game of "telephone" from junior woodchuck diplomats who believe they run foreign policy put off normal Americans. Who knew?
3- "..Burisma Holdings — which was seen as code for probes of former Vice President Biden and his son Hunter.."

Perhaps Americans also see Joe Biden having a prosecutor fired who was investigating Burisma as code for something...🤔
4- "“After three years, the country was sick of hearing about Russia, and now the average American either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about the case we’re making on Ukraine,” said one Democratic fundraiser."

That's because there is no case, you dolts.
5- "But Republicans are crowing, believing that Democrats have made a massive miscalculation on impeachment."

Republicans have gone from pouncing & seizing to crowing, apparently.
6- The D's internal polling must be as bad or worse than the public polling.

This article is either a warning shot from the author, or was planted as a way to prepare the D base for a letdown.

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