Good liars often tell the truth at the the correct time, when it can be checked and confirmed. By doing this, all of their past lies are not seen as lies. This is what pollsters and the fake media did for decades. However, as with all liars sooner or later they are found out.
It's funny that the hate and fear for Trump exposed both the pollsters and the fake media at the same time.

Pollsters for years would publish fake poll after fake poll to try to shape public opinion then right before election day, they would publish their most accurate polls.
These "final" polls would "match up" with the election results giving people the illusion that the "polls were right". People fell for it, some still do. The pollsters never even try to explain how a +14 poll the week before the election could change to a +2 poll the day before.
It's like magic. No, I'm not being cute. It's really, exactly, like magic; where the magician does his trick while the people are looking elsewhere.

The pollsters screwed up bigly because they feared Trump winning so much that they waited too long to switch to accurate polls.
Sure, some did at the very end, but by then it was too late.They ran the fake polls for so long and they were so fake that "everyone" that followed polls thought there was no chance Trump could win. When he did, the game was up and many people saw the magic trick for what it was.
The fake media uses the same type of magic tricks to give the viewer/reader a false impression of what is really happening. They use word choice, selective omission, burying of the facts in paragraph 26, etc to shape the story. If their efforts fail they report it truthfully.
It was the hate/fear that Trump caused in them that "made" the fake media throw off the magician's cloak. Their hate/fear caused them to become sloppy in their performance allowing millions of people to see the dishonesty and lies that they were pushing daily.
Both still attempt to do their card tricks at the seedy run down bar but unless the patrons are really drunk most have caught on to the tricks and they are simply embarrassing themselves at this point. Their act is old and stale. As with all liars eventually the trust is gone.
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