stop using deaths as just another "event" that made XXXX year the "worst year in kpop"
how many times must you be reminded not to condense these human beings down to nothing more than the industry they work for? the exact same industry that contributes to the ends they come to?
i'm sorry but some kpop stans are so far beyond capable of compassion. you think you're hurt bc so and so left their group and so and so you never even stanned passed away? you think all that should elicit from you is "ugh i'm so sad when is 2019 gonna end?" fuck you
every fan has a right to be upset, that's a given, and i'm not trying to take that away from anyone. but some of you clearly aren't upset from grief. nobody's suffering should be the basis of your ReLaTaBLe i HaTe 2019 tweets. any clout you gain from this shit is dirty money.
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