Not saying to vote SNP esp with t*rf issues, but am super annoyed by that disabled & D/deaf access visual going around (English accounts) that says SNP manifesto has 0 access. SNP historically one of best parties for access + Scotland has BSL Act! SNP manifesto not released yet.
Just went to person's account who made it, & they've retracted it (tho it's still being shared). Here's what I can find from a quick scan: seems Lib Dems have almost everything (audio, clear text, plain text, bsl, easy read) already or coming soon. (Tho ick who cares lol). 2/?
Unless I'm missing something (on a phone), the accessible Labour stuff is only for 2017 and the link is also broken? Tories ew (spitting) also have a disability link that goes nowhere... Green Party England & Wales has Welsh and easy read with "other versions available soon". 3/?
Plaid Cymru obvs has Welsh, & again it could be cuz I'm on a phone (tho a lot of folks only have phones) - but I can't find anything on access at all on their site. Scottish Greens = limited accessible versions, but from 2016 manifesto (?) ... overall everyone is sucking lol. 4/?
Big point I want to make is that if it's hard to find it also might as well not be there. #Election2019 #disabled #Deaf #blind #LearningDisabled #MinorityLanguage #BSL #Welsh #Gaelic #Scots #cymraeg #gaidhlig #gaeilge #voting #access

Sinn Fein has an accessibility section on their site, but it's just about accessing site text/visuals. Though they support ISL & BSL Bill (stalled along with recognizing Irish & of course everything as far as I can tell? + f*ck the dup), I don't find any videos in BSL or ISL. 6/?
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