Good morning #Chester. We will be will be at our street stall today (Sunday) 12 to 2 pm at the top of St Werburgh Street. We want to tell you that if you want to #MakeItStop then a Johnson Brexit won’t help - it’s only a bad start. Thread /
Any kind of Brexit is only the beginning! Because once we leave the EU we have to rebuild all the things we have thrown away! This is the trade network we already have and the EU Singapore deal has just kicked in too. #Brexitisbadforbusiness
If we fail to strike a trade deal with the EU itself by the end of 2020 it will be the same as having no deal because all the arrangements to stay as we are during transition will stop and there will have to be tariffs and paperwork and disruption with everything. #stopnodeal
If Johnson and his Tories get their way they will dismantle everything else. What will be up for grabs? Your rights? The rights of your children? The price of your prescription? The NHS? Parental leave?
What about all the agencies we are currently part of that we access to that regulate all the different areas of our society. We will be out so we either build our own if possible or we do agreements to pay for access but we won’t have any say though. #SundayThoughts
It’s going to go on and on and on! To date nobody has told us for what benefit beyond a few politicians meaningless soundbites. #StopBrexit
On the other hand we can point to the multiple benefits we get from our EU membership. Edwin has put together this handy list. Do share it with your wider networks of friends families and colleagues
Brexit is a losing policy. There is nothing but damage limitation around it. That’s why we fight on to #remain. That’s why we recomend if you want to #StopBrexit you have to deny a Tory majority.
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