So now we have the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee (Graham), Finance Committee (Grassley), and Homeland Security Committee (Johnson) all investigating corruption allegations against Joe and Hunter Biden. President Trump will never be removed from office over Ukraine.
After the disastrous hearings the last two weeks in the House, this is a clear sign by the Senate GOP that they see nothing wrong with investigating corruption involving "the Bidens" and the House Democrats would be fools to vote to send impeachment to them after all of this.
Graham's letter requesting evidence for his investigation of "the Bidens"
I never though the Senate GOP would vote to remove President Trump from office but after the actions by the Senate GOP to validate President Trump's concerns about the Bidens and Ukraine I don't even know if they will vote impeachment out of the House anymore. They'd be fools to.
This is the Senate GOP's "I am Spartacus" moment.

"I'm investigating the Bidens!"

"No, I'm investigating the Bidens!"

"No, it's me, I'm investigating the Bidens"

😂 it's genius.
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