So my mom and I just went to @HoCoRec ‘s Robinson Nature Center (why don’t they have a twitter?) and we were blown away. Going to be doing a review of some of their exhibits for my museum scholarship course so I will be adding to this thread to talk about why you should go.
Located in Howard County, Maryland right off 32. Beautiful, green building with composting centers, oyster shell recycling center, green roof, geothermal heat/cool, solar panels, rain gardens and 18 acres of trails. Affordable cost to enter (5$ for adult, 3$ kids). – at Robinson Nature Center
Several incredible exhibits. This one promoting stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay through interactive educational materials designed to showcase life of humans plants and animals who rely on the Bay for life. – at Robinson Nature Center
This one is a sensory exploration of the changing seasons within each layer of the forests in the Maryland area. Sounds of birds and how to identify them are paired with “find it” activities for kids, and lots of touch and pull out exhibit objects. – at Robinson Nature Center
This place would have been heaven for me as a kid. There was so much cool stuff to check out, including an entire area dedicated to playing and making mud pies, music, building like beavers, and tunneling in hollow logs. My mom and I were having so much fun😂 – at Robinson Nature Center
There were also dedicated quiet areas, one nature based, one in a dark room with soothing music. And they host sensory friendly visits and have sensory backpacks for anyone who wants one. In the nature room there was an awesome exhibit on making your backyard more eco-friendly. – at Robinson Nature Center
The trails were also great! Saw some beaver activity and lots of mushrooms!!! And it was filled with pokestops 😁 – at Robinson Nature Center
#RobinsonNatureCenter is a great place so close to home. Lots of programming made for kids, adults, and seniors (several 55+ events which is awesome!!! My mom runs a senior community center and was v impressed). More exhibits on history and space and a planetarium too! So great! – at Robinson Nature Center
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