For decades we've been offered a choice between frying pan and fire.

Not anymore.

Our manifesto is the most radical plan for Britain since 1945.

We have over 200 policies.

Over the next three weeks, we're getting through all of them.

Welcome to the Labour Policy Megathread.
Over the next three weeks (on the days that I'm not working), I'll be producing another part of the thread, and I'll let you all know.

I've had fun researching this.

Our policies are fantastic and I'm proud to be able to promote them.

Let's get to it. Policies 1-25 #ForTheMany
1. Abolish Tuition Fees

I campaigned against tuition fees back when I first started campaigning.

I remember how the Lib Dems sold students down the river.

And I'll remember how we abolished them entirely when we right that wrong.
6. Local authorities given powers to appropriate empty shops

Just that. Labour will give local authorities the power to seize shops that have been empty for twelve months and offer them to start-ups, co-operative businesses and community projects.
8. Votes at 16

Labour have consistently campaigned for the vote for 16 year olds for years now. Most of the major parties agree.

The only ones who don't - the Tories. Funny that?

The fact is, you can work at 16. You should be able to vote at 16.
9. Independent Review into the rise of the Far Right

Here's another policy I wasn't aware of, but I definitely welcome.

In the wake of the Home Office dealing with an increase in far-right extremism, Labour will commission an independent review.
10. End Zero Hours contracts

Yes. So much bloody yes.

We'll bring an end to the unfair practice of zero hours contracts and ensure that all workers have a guaranteed amount of hours at work.

I repeat. SO. MUCH. YES.
12. Open three new steel recycling plants

We're planning to invest in steel recycling as part of our Green Industrial Revolution.

Want to know more? Check it out here.
13. The War Powers Act

This policy... it's just so Corbyn, and it's part of the reason we back him.

Labour will bring in a War Powers Act to ensure that Parliament has the final say on any planned military action.
18. Nationalise the National Grid

We're going to do just that. We'll nationalise the grid in a bit to lower energy prices and usher in a Green Industrial Revolution.

Here's our fantastic document, Bringing Energy Home. I'd strongly advise a read at it.
20. Free nursery care for 2-4 year olds

Free universal nursery care for all children between the ages of 2 and 4.

No means testing.

That's it. A fantastic policy that will genuinely help parents.
So that's Part One finished. Can't deny, I'm enjoying this.

Stay tuned for Part Two, coming tomorrow - I'll let you all know when, so keep an eye out!

Solidarity and have a great evening.
So, the #ToryManifesto just launched.

And as we expected, it's hot garbage.

Only Labour and Corbyn have the ambition to change Britain for the better.

Without further ado, this is Part II of the Labour Policy Megathread.

#JC4PM2019 #ForTheMany #RealChange
26. Statutory Bereavement Leave

You can check out our manifesto for more details, but it's as clear as it sounds - Labour will bring in statutory bereavement leave in order to support families who have lost a loved one.

A compassionate, decent policy.
28. A minimum wage of £10 per hour

Here's one I did earlier.

Labour will raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour for all workers as part of our wider approach to ending in-work poverty.
38. Abolishing SATs

Labour will bring an end to the era of extreme pressure testing and eliminate SATs, seeking to bring in a system that will foster a less stressful learning environment.
40. £1bn culture fund

Labour will provide £1bn in order to "transform libraries, museums and galleries across the country".

We'll also make National Lottery funding more transparent.

And it'll provide a boost to schools.
43. Reverse Tory cuts to local bus routes

I'll let @RichardBurgon have the floor here.
44. 5% pay rise in the public sector

We'll give public sector workers a fair deal and a 5% pay rise in our first year of government.

As the son of (retired) civil servants, I appreciate this policy immensely.
45. Indefinite tenancies for private renters

This is massive. It'll affect me. It'll affect a lot of people I know.

Labour will force landlords to offer indefinite tenancies, based on the German model, to ensure that private renters have more security.
50. The National Education Service

A flagship policy. One to be proud of. Incredible stuff.

The National Education Service will...

Well, I think I'll just let this guy explain how he plans to revolutionise education.
And that's Part II finished!

But we're not done by a long way. Not close. Not even.

I'll be working tomorrow and likely Tuesday. So keep an eye out for Part III coming on Wednesday.

These policies could change our lives. And there's a lot more to come.

Thanks for reading.
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