Rowan County has a major north/south interstate highway running right thru the middle of Salisbury. I-85.
This was noted as reason for up tick in abductions and trafficking. Also, just 50 miles north of Charlotte. Also very close, a major east/west interstate highway. I-40.
I-77 and I-75 also very close.
Previous home of his charter air business was just the other side of me, in Statesville, which has intersection of I-40 & I-77.
2 hours on I-40 W will take you directly to Vanderbilt Baltimore House in Asheville.
(home of the infamous indoor pool...
...that is so similarly depicted in Podesta’s art of children hanging from ropes in their underwear and with reddish contusions on them.

Things that make you go hmmmm
2 hours east is Raleigh. Also too much pedo and abductions going on there, and close proximity to I-95 which is a direct route north to corruption, and direct route south to Florida. All close to major ports. They got b land, sea, and air transport all locked up!
Just an added thought...
Statesville was subject of a National investigation when a ring of terrorists were caught buying cigarettes cheaply and in bulk here, then shipping them up north for 20p-300% profit to fund their groups.
Charlotte is #2 Banking city behind NYC.
Correction 200-300% profit
Now, consider this
WHY is NC constantly in the news with the left whining about this or that? Voting district lines, bathroom laws, rise in gang activity, lethal street drugs, #2A arguments, etc. WHY the bigger, more urgent push to turn NC blue over the last several years?
Sure, maybe the electoral college votes would help them.
But make no mistake, NC has been targeted for other reasons. Connect the dots.
Transport. Banking. Huge medical, legal colleges.
Rise in NY & CA style crimes, as the leftists fight for even more control here
Sound familiar?
That tweet a bit above beginning “now consider this” reads oddly...
The rise in lethal drugs, gangs, and crimes against children.... are not what the left is whining about, but how the left is attacking our great state to weaken it.
My brain going faster than my fingers.
Moar thoughts
In recent years, there have been a good many CPS related problems. CPS workers arrested and charged with neglect, abuse, and even murder of children. Children in their care, and even their own children!
Cases of “look the other way” by officials, resulting in harm..
To the children they are tasked with and supposed to be protecting!
The biggest of course is the Erica Parsons murder case. The poor kid was missing for YEARS without “notice.”
Yep, Rowan County.
Also the case of the CPS employee who was arrested and charged for abuse/neglect when neighbors finally spoke up...the law went to the home, and a young boy was chained tot the porch railing like a dog with a bone tied around his neck. Malnourished, and more. Name escapes me
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