I’ve never, on any level, been able to wrap my head around this cishet headass dilemma 😂 https://twitter.com/KingLucc/status/1197952519969763328
I had an “ex” try to restrict male friends and queer female friends and any hot straight female friends bc of this absurd belief.

Creepy ass abusive ass red flag.

Whole time HIS “straight” homegirl tried to bone me.
People from any gender could be attracted and line step.
I could be attracted to any of them too.

Imma be friends with whoever I connect with and pours good vibes in my life without regard to their squishy bits.
People (should) know how to create boundaries for what they’ll allow

People should know how to communicate if they feel like there’s a disconnect and you need more time together. Or when you’re feeling jealous or insecure and learn to work through it. Together.
It’s natural to feel jealousy. It’s natural to feel insecure sometimes.

But if you are limiting or cutting df friendships to avoid those feelings, you aren’t addressing the root issues. You’re skirting emotional labour by creating restrictions.
Now, some friendships may naturally suffer bc of the amount of quality time you spend with your partner. But IMO that’s different. (And can also be avoided)
Anyway -
- Know how to set boundaries.
- Communicate them with your friends
- Check in w your partners emotional state
- Do internal checks w yourself to make sure you’re communicating regularly and honestly.
- Be friends with who you want.

Pro tip: do the first 4 regardless
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