#BE19 thread. 1/6
This time next week we should have a fair idea who our four new TDs are. So let's look at who the @pppolitics odds suggest will be the winners.
#BE19 2/6
In Dublin Mid-West there's been a bit of money for @sinnfeinireland's @Wardy1916 but it still looks like @FineGael's @EmerHigginsCllr is in pole position. However the gap between her and @PaulGogarty has narrowed over the past week.
#BE19 3/6
Fingal is wide open with at last 3 candidates in the shake-up.
@labour's @CllrDuncanSmith remains favourite but @greenparty_ie's @joefingalgreen has narrowed the gap.
@fiannafailparty's @LorrCliff has fallen a little further back.
Whoever is most transfer friendly wins.
#BE19 4/6
Cork North Central seems to be an easier bye-election to call with @fiannafailparty's @padraigosull becoming an even hotter favourite to succeed @BillyKelleherEU
The question here seems to be who comes second.
#BE19 5/6
In Wexford it's been a rough week for @FineGael's @VeronaMurphyFG and the gap between her and @fiannafailparty's @malcolmbyrne has doubled.
This looks like a two horse race and right now it looks like a certain FF win.
So if the favourites win, the net change will be
FG as is
Labour +1
Independents for Change -2
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