A chat with voter in #Redcar:

Him: I voted Leave, Labour is ignoring us.

Me: Anna believes Brexit will do real, irreversible harm to area; trusts ppl to make decision on detail of Brexit.

Him: it probably will do harm, I voted to get rid of Cameron, not EU (1/3)
Me: 2016 shook a complacent system - things will never be the same. Isn’t it better to now have chance to avoid actual harm to this and other communities?

Him: yes, I suppose it is. And Anna does work hard for the area.

Me: will you vote for her?

Him: probably, yes! (2/3)
And yet most analysis we see of traditionally Labour areas that voted leave never gets beyond the first response.

Saying “get it done” because it’s the “will of the people” ignores the reality of why 2016 happened.

It’s a con; one that would destroy trust in politics. (3/3)
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