This day is very important on so many levels…

1. Rahul got a taste of it first but being unteachable doesn’t understand it - as yet.
Dynasts should well keep in mind that the days of a free pass because of Mummy, Daddy or Granddaddy are over.
2. Power wielded by a handful of lobbyists/ journalists has vapourised.
No one asked for them.
No one told them.

3. Shiv Sena has shown its Hindu constituency it can kick it for power.
Congress’s vote bank has seen that for power the party can compromise with its hated enemy.

Both are goners.
4. Sharad Pawar retains his title of The Wily Fox.
5. And last but not the least.

Underestimate Narendra Modi & Amit Shah at your own peril.
They have a mission and they will see it through.

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