After chatting (ie arguing with no resolution) with my family about politics last night, what I think I’ve realised is that the wealthiest know exactly how Labour’s policies are going to harm, but many of the poorest people don’t know how Tory policies are going to harm them.
My (in the 1% richest) brother can reel off all the ways Labour’s policies are going to hurt him or negatively effect his life. Many of those who will be worst hit by continued Tory policy wouldn’t necessarily be aware that it’s government policy that has led to their issues.
And the poorest in society will likely be living the sort of lives with huge amounts of time taken up just trying to survive each day. Many simply don’t have time to read & digest the party manifestos.
When I ws a young single parent on benefits, I didn’t know anything about politics. I wouldn’t have voted. I didn’t know that so much of what made it possible for me & my kids to have a positive life was down to Labour policies.
And obviously there are lots of poorer people who *are* politically engaged. But the wealthy have been educated or have learned what sorts of policies will protect their wealth.
While the poor often have been stripped of the capacity to imagine what type of world would need to exist in order for their lives to improve.
I was over 25 when I learned what an MP was and how political parties work. I never learned about it at school. It was only when I went on a training event linked to my work that I discovered how it all works.
Low political literacy among those who are already somewhat (or entirely) powerless, many existing at subsistence levels unable to imagine a world where there’s anything more, & with the wealthy fully informed about how Labour will make them poorer, it feels quite hopeless.
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