. @weareoversight just published FOIA’d State Department docs related to Giuliani and Ukraine

Among them: the full contents of Rudy’s wild dossier of “evidence” State turned over to Congress and confirmation that Pompeo called Rudy twice in late March

Almost all of this was already in the record: Amb. David Hale talked about the calls between Pompeo and Giuliani on Wednesday evening and in his deposition; most if not all of Rudy’s folder has been reported out

Still good to see all the source documents though
So here’s the timeline:

On March 24, Marie Yovanovitch writes to David Hale and lays out the attacks against her

He calls and she explains she believes Rudy is behind it

March 25, Hale briefs Pompeo, who determines no statement of support will be given yet
Pompeo specifically said no statement until conversations with Americans thought to be spreading the attack

On March 26, Pompeo has a call with Rudy for six minutes.

They then are scheduled to speak again for 20 minutes on March 29
Hale says Pompeo puts T. Ulrich Brechbuhl, the Counselor at State, in charge of the Ukraine weirdness

In April, a letter signed by six former ambassadors to Ukraine support Yovanovitch makes its way to Brechbuhl.

He acknowledges its receipt on April 9th. Still no statememt.
On April 25, Hale said he attended a meeting called by the Deputy Secretary of State to figure out how to recall Yovanovitch

Hale testifies that only Pompeo could have gotten word from Trump that he’d lost confidence in Yovanovitch
So to sum up: Pompeo never cleared a statement defending Yovanovitch even though he was the only one who could have kept it from being approved

And we still don’t know what he talked about with Rudy
Missed this detail when reading through which, uh, is a big yikes https://twitter.com/jesskcoleman/status/1198100277762646018
Ah here’s the email thread in question. Rudy’s assistant pings the White House for Pompeo’s number on March 27, saying she’s “been getting nowhere through regular channels”

WH puts her in touch with State who gives her Pompeo’s scheduler
Goddamnit I just remembered this tweet of mine about Rudy’s conspiracy theory folder that State’s IG turned over Congress https://twitter.com/hayesbrown/status/1179544975022927873
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