1) The Senate Was The Target

(How Lindsey Graham will prove to be a Trump stealth bomber)
2) I'm going to suggest something preposterous.

I believe Mister Milqutoast, the seemingly feckless, do-nothing Senator Lindsey Graham is one of the key players in Donald Trump's plan to expose public corruption and prosecute the DC swamp.
3) There is abundant evidence to convict Graham of everything he has been accused of. He has been:
A fame seeker.
A deep state, never-Trumper.

All true.
At least in the past.
And at least that how he appears to be.
4) But in a war theater where spies, politicians, tycoons and intelligence gurus call the shots, nothing is as it seems.

If you believe Trump is a savvy strategist, you must believe he has a plan to drain the swamp. And that plan probably isn't obvious to most of us.
5) Just as important as draining the swamp is making the public aware of the severity of corruption in government.

Trump must have a plan to present to the public the documents and expert testimony that prove, objectively and conclusively, just how bad things have become.
6) For the first three years of his Presidency, Trump's enemies have been on offense. Adam Schiff's impeachment inquiry is their last opportunity to remove POTUS from office. If they fail, Trump takes over and runs his offense which will expose the corruption of the swamp.
7) The American political system has chosen the venue of open (televised) public hearings to expose to the public the problems that are found in government.

(You may not like that venue but it is the setting in which corruption is exposed to the public.)
8) Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have attempted to use private hearings to gather evidence against the President and use public hearings to make voters aware of the information they've found.
9) Pelosi and Schiff succeeded in making the public aware of certain facts but whether they achieved their goal or not has yet to be determined and I would argue their hearings helped the President more than they hurt him.
10) Democrats have been able to mount their offensive having gained control of the House in 2018.

Republicans lost the House but gained a larger majority in the Senate and lost never Trumpers Jeff Flake, Bob Corker and John McCain who died before his term was up.
12) That same day (April 30th) Graham suddenly changed his stance toward POTUS and those who opposed him as evidenced in this tweet where he said he didn't trust James Comey.

13) After John McCain (no name) announced he was not running for re-election, Q suggested that Graham had flipped.

He was singing.

He was given a chance to be on the right side of history and he took it.
Graham the never-Trumper suddenly became a Trump supporter.
14) People were understandably disappointed when Republicans lost control of the House but the House is limited in what it can accomplish. Much more can be done in the Senate.
15) The Senate approves cabinet and judicial appointments.
Investigations that began in the House the first 2 years under POTUS will now be completed in the Senate.
Lindsey Graham's Judiciary Committee can expose FBI & DOJ corruption.
The Senate was always the target.
16) In a couple of weeks, the DOJ Inspector General report on FISA abuse will be made public. Citizens will have an opportunity to see for themselves the kind of criminal activity the Obama administration engaged in.
17) Until now, Trump has been on the defensive, spending most of his time fending off accusations from the swamp and the media.

When the IG report is made public, the President's offensive plan will finally be put into action.
18) People have accused Lindsey Graham of being a worthless Senator.
They bash him because it seems like he's done nothing to help the President.
Perhaps his time had not arrived.
19) Graham's greatest value to POTUS is his position as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee which conducts oversight of the DOJ and FBI.

His role is to make the public aware of corruption through expert testimony and the production of documents to his committee.
20) I believe Graham has been biding his time.
Waiting for his turn to take the stage.
That will happen on December 11th when Inspector General Horowitz testifies before his committee.
21) And don't forget DECLASS.
Along with the IG report, we'll see thousands (perhaps millions) of documents released that further expose corruption.
22) The IG report and declass are helpful to us but the average person won't read them.
They may watch Senate hearings but they will definitely watch news reports that provide summaries of it.
The Senate Judiciary hearings will go a long way toward red pilling the public.
23) Graham can subpoena former Obama officials.
He can subpoena Joe and Huner Biden.
He can subpoena Rudy Giuliani to testify about corrupt politicians and Ukraine.
Graham's Committee could become ground zero for the nuclear bomb that decimates the swamp.
25) The Senate was the target.
In the Senate, and specifically, in the Senate Judiciary Committee, POTUS will run his offensive plan to drain the swamp.
26) Rudy Giuliani reaches out to....
➡️Lindsey Graham ⬅️
Rudy is requesting help getting visas for 3 witnesses to travel from Ukraine to the US to testify about the Biden family's corruption.
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