We hear a lot of jokes about not being able to walk after leg day

This leads to many women asking themselves "Did I work hard enough?"

Let's talk

Here is why women will outlast men in the gym..
Men have anywhere from 7-40x the amount of testosterone in their bodies than women and do not underestimate the power of T

T is good for power, bursts of energy and moving weight quickly

Cortisol is good for endurance
You may see guys doing leg day and walk like newborn ungulates back to the car. They pound until failure, hit a 1RM & are literally so gassed they worry about shitting standing up

Women, can not physically do that
After we find out 1RM squat, we can wait 10 minutes and do a set of 40 lunges. It's not because we left some in the tank, its because our tank doesn't have the power to empty it all at once
That lack of testosterone means we can't recruit a vast amount of strength all at once

But we CAN recover quicker and go longer
Men can literally blow their load at the gym and be useless for many hours or days after.

Sound familiar? Yeah, our bodies work in patterns

This also comes back to survival
The men fought and slayed the dragon while the women ran away to a safe place with the kids

It's in out DNA

So no, you don't have to work until you can't walk. That would be near rhabdo for most female athletes
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