A Republican member of the South Carolina legislature introduced a bill to “prohibit persons under 18 from undergoing gender reassignment medical treatment, and to provide for the professional discipline for violations.”

And they chose to introduce it on #TransDayofRemembrance. https://twitter.com/AngryBlackLady/status/1197627493009616896
Titled the “Youth Gender Reassignment Prevention Act”—it’s the latest attempt to criminalize trans youth.

Who’s behind such hate? Exactly who you’d expect: righteous defenders of “liberty”— who won’t hesitate to use the force of law to control our bodies. https://www.out.com/transgender/2019/10/31/georgia-lawmaker-wants-make-treatment-trans-youth-felony
Not only are such laws blatant forms of transphobia & hate—they also fly in the face of a growing body of evidence that show parents should let their children live their gender—or non-binary or gender expansive—identity.

Transphobic laws *harm* children. https://www.out.com/transgender/2019/11/19/let-trans-kids-be-trans-says-groundbreaking-new-study
Here in CA our state legislature has the backs of our transgender youth. Our leaders understand #TransRightsAreHumanRights.

But that doesn’t mean our state is free from transphobia or hate. Far from it—there’s still much work to do.

We are here for you. http://glaad.org/transgender/resources
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