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Katsuki, the head son of the Bakugou conglomerate, was hungry to earn his birthright as the new head of the family. He’d killed hundreds to earn consideration from his mother, but she still deemed him too weak.
Katsuki was desperate to prove his worth to the old hag and someday take her place, so at the next meeting, he made a bold move in front of all the family heads.

He promised to take down the police commissioner, Yagi Toshinori.
Everyone but his mother was surprised to hear such a promise. She saw this as her son just blowing steam, as she’d known him to do when his legitimacy was challenged. Each family head voted in favor of giving Katsuki this chance, as they would be honored to follow a man like him.
Mitsuki agreed, but she declared that should Katsuki fail, he will be excommunicated.

He wasn’t counting on those stakes, but Katsuki never failed.

…Though getting close to the commissioner wasn’t as easy as he thought…

He was just a frail old man! Why was it so hard?!
He was always so heavily guarded!

All the inside officers refused to give Katsuki an in, should their position be compromised, and Katsuki couldn’t force them to since he wasn’t an active member while he carried out this mission.

Fuck…things seemed so easy before…
He thought he was out of options, but then he got a call from one of his childhood friends, Todoroki Shouto. Shouto’s father Enji wanted him to stake a claim as the new head of the family, but Shouto was loyal. He didn’t want to follow in his father’s traitorous footsteps.
Shouto had done some research, and figured out that Yagi had a son. A high schooler that he’d tried to hide from the public by having him use his mother’s maiden name ‘Midoriya.’ Yagi knew that he was on the syndicate’s watchlist, so he always tried to keep his family safe first.
Midoriya Izuku. 5’4”. Green hair, green eyes. First year at UA. Loser.


All he had to do is kidnap the kid when he was alone, then get his father to come get him.

That’s when Katsuki would do it. He’d put a bullet between Yagi’s eyes.
This would be a piece of cake.

Katsuki waited on his motorcycle a few yards away from the school, pretending to scroll on his phone but secretly watching the kids from behind his sunglasses.

He felt like a fucking weirdo, but he had a goddamn job to do if he wanted that spot.
It was kind of funny.

For a top school like UA, they really didn’t give a shit about their students once they were off campus.

But they sure did give a shit about who gets to be on it.

Katsuki hadn’t been accepted, even though he’d gotten perfect scores on the entrance exams.
As many perks as being the son of a yakuza boss had, they were almost equally matched by the drawbacks.

Whatever, Katsuki never wanted to be lumped with these stuck up kids anyway.

He was looking forward to seeing the look on this brat’s face once he pissed himself in fear.
When Katsuki spotted a head of tousled green hair, he‘s on the hunt.

‘Geez kid, get a fuckin comb,’ Katsuki thought as he watched the skinny kid cross the street.

He couldn’t help but notice a group of kids following close behind.

Katsuki knew excactly what they were up to.
He’d been a bully for most of his life.

He started his bike and followed them carefully.

Midoriya spotted the other kids and began to run, the others easily catching up to him and cornering him in an alley.

‘Ah, shit.’ Katsuki would have to step in. He rolled his eyes.
Katsuki got off of his bike and cracked his knuckles. He had no problem knocking a few young skulls who needed some home training.

He went down the alley and saw the group standing in a circle and yelling.

He sighed then tried to think of the best way he could scare them off.
“P-Please!” He heard a wobbly voice cry.

“Shut the fuck up, loser!” Eish, that was mean.

“Oi, break it up!” Katsuki shouted. The kids turned to look at them, and between a gap he could see Midoriya on the ground, pants around his thighs.

Something in Katsuki snapped.
“What the fuck do you want?” One of them asked and walked up to Katsuki with bigger balls than the ones he probably had.

Katsuki glanced at Midoriya’s frozen form, then reached behind him and pulled out his sword.
“I want you little bitches to scram, or I’ll be sendin you back to you’re fuckin mamas piece by piece until Christmas,” Katsuki threatened in a voice calmer than he felt.

The kids grew silent, then bolted from the alley with as much haste as they’d arrived.
He looked down at Midoriya, who was pulling up his pants. Big fat tears were dripping from his face. He crawled over to his backpack and dug through it. He held out his wallet and kept his head down.

“I-I don’t have…um…they took my lunch money, b-but…please take it.”
Katsuki stared at the wallet for a moment, then back at Midoriya.

“If you don’t have any money, why‘re you offerin it to me, fuckin deku?”

The kid looked up at Katsuki with the most vibrant green eyes he’d ever seen in his life.
His wet face was splattered with freckles, as well as his trembling plush lips.

Shit. He was fuckin /cute./

“W-What?” Midoriya stuttered in confusion.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and sighed.
He started to feel a little /bad/ for the kid.

He was almost just raped, and now he was about to be kidnapped…

Katsuki felt he should at least give him a chance to recover from that traumatic event before immediately forcing him into another.
“Nevermind. Just get up and go home, Deku.”

He’d try again another day. He hadn’t expected this to happen, and he hadn’t expected the kid to be so goddamn cute.

Katsuki walked over to his bike and climbed on. He heard commotion behind him as he slipped on his helmet.
When he started his bike, he heard a small voice. He lifted up his helmet to hear him.


“I just wanted to ask…what’s your name?”

Katsuki hesitated telling him. “Why?”

“I just want to know the name of my hero…”

Oh what the fuckin fuck was he fuckin /blushing?!/
Why did he have to be so goddamn motherfuckin cute?!


“I’m I-Izuku!” Katsuki was half tempted to say ‘I know,’ but he had a low profile to keep.

“Thank you, Katsuki.” What the fuck, why did it sound so good when he said it…

“…Whatever. Stay out of trouble."
‘Cause trouble will find you again soon enough,’ Katsuki thought.

“I will!” He beamed. Katsuki couldn’t take it anymore.

He sped off, trying his best to not look behind him.

Time to find another plan, hopefully one that didn’t involve having to look at his cute face again.
“So…lemme just get this straight…”

‘Ah shit,’ Katsuki thought.

“You had the commissioner’s /son/…/alone/…and you didn’t bring him here… Did I hear that right?”

Katsuki sighed from the floor. He hated having to bow to /anyone,/ but you didn’t /not/ bow to Bakugou Mitsuki.
It didn’t matter that he was her son.

“Ma, would you just—” He was cut off when Mitsuki stormed over and drove her heel down onto the middle of his back. “What the hell was that for?! Fuckin hag!” He stood up to retaliate, but Mitsuki just smacked him upside the head.
He growled and grit his teeth to stop himself from starting another physical fight with her.

“GODDAMNIT KATSUKI! Of all the /stupid/ fuckin—What the HELL happened?!“

“I was gonna explain before you started shoutin like a banshee, you hag!” He retorted.

“Stop callin me hag!”
“HAG HAG HAG HAG HAG H—“ She lightly chopped him in the neck, and he fell back down to his knees, choking and holding his throat.

“Now,” she spoke calmly, though a storm still rampaged inside her, “the next words out of your damn mouth better be a good excuse for your mistake.”
Katsuki swallowed thickly and flared up at her.

“I was on my bike. Couldn’ta done it.”

“Not good enough.” She started tapping her foot.

“It was the middle of the day, anyone coulda seen!”

“You said you were in an alley! You coulda taken the back streets!”
Katsuki fumed. He really didn’t want to explain what actually happened, but he’d ran out of excuses.

“He was—those damn kids were gonna…” Just thinking about it made his blood boil, which confused him.

What the hell did he care about that dumb deku?!

“Speak the fuck up, boy!”
“They…were gonna /rape/ him, Ma!”

Mitsuki looked up at Katsuki. She recognized that fire in his eyes, even though he was looking at the floor. She yanked her son down by the back of the neck and pressed their foreheads together.

She sighed. “Soft…just like your damn father…”
“I ain’t soft.”

They shared a moment of silent grief, and then it was back to business.

Mitsuki smacked his head again.

“What the FU—“

“Shut up! I’m tryna think…” She paced around the tearoom, her mind racing to find a way to rectify her son’s honest mistake. But how…
“Got it,” she said calmly.

Katsuki sat back down to listen. He needed to hear every word if he was to fix things and still have a chance to be the new head.

Mitsuki sat down across from him. “You saved the kid’s life, so he trusts you. Get things out of him. Things we can use.”
“And just how the hell do I do that? I can’t just hang around his school every damn day! And it would be pretty fuckin suspicious that I’m askin a bunch of fuckin questions about his old man.”

“So? The brat was gonna give you his /empty wallet./ Pretty airheaded if you ask me.”
Mitsuki smirked and poured them both a cup of tea. “Gotta do what you can right now.” She looked up at him. “I /want/ you to take over, Kat, but I can’t show you favoritism. This is all the advice I can give you.” Katsuki knew she was right. “Call some friends. Figure it out.”
After they quietly finished their tea, Mitsuki went to bed, and Katsuki left to go home to his own apartment. He laid awake, trying to make a new plan.

He knew he couldn’t dwell on the details for too long. He needed to move forward, and he’d try to figure it out along the way.
The next day, Katsuki waited at a different spot for a better vantage point on where the kid would be walking out. He was too impatient and got there early, so he just smoked a few cigarettes while he waited for the school bell to ring. When it finally did, he watched carefully.

Katsuki started his bike and followed through the traffic behind him.

Again, he felt like a fucking creep, but he figured he’d have to get used to it if he was going to complete this mission.

He just needed to get to Yagi. That was it. This kid meant absolutely nothing.
When he’d walked far enough from the school, Katsuki pulled up next to him.

“Oi, Deku!” The boy turned his way, and his face lit up as bright as the sun.

‘Goddamnit.’ Katsuki thought. He wanted to smack that look right off of his face.

“Kacchan!!” He beamed and ran over.
Katsuki raised an eyebrow and looked around. “Who the hell is /Kacchan?/”

“Uh…you! You’re Kacchan… I, um…” Midoriya scratched his cheek and blushed, avoiding eye contact. Cute. “I-I kinda forgot…your name…?”

A beat of silence passed between them.

“…Hah?” Katsuki grunted.
“I-I’m sorry! I just—I was overwhelmed yesterday because…w-well…” He looked down. “I could only remember ‘Ka’ when I was thinking about you, so…yeah…”

“Oh, you were thinkin bout /me?/” Katsuki smirked and rested his arms on his bike handles. “What exactly were you thinkin?”
Deku blushed even harder and gripped the hem of his uniform jacket.

“N-Nothing like that!”

“Nothin like /what,/ Deku~?” Now he was just being mean to the kid, but it was too much fun. Deku was in a beet red flush behind his hands.

“Kacchan, s-stop!!”

God, this fucking kid.
Katsuki snickered. “Geez, I was just teasin ya, Deku. Relax.”

Deku looked down and chuckled awkwardly, a wobbly smile stretching across his freckled lips. It grew quiet.

The kid was definitely not a conversationalist. Probably never had someone talk to him this much before.
“Need a ride?” Katsuki asked, confidence lacing his voice even though he didn’t know if the kid would take the bait or not.

“Oh, n-no! I’m okay. I wouldn’t want to stop you from whatever you were doing… I’m just headed home!” Deku smiled and wrung his hands together.

“Um…” When he hesitated, Katsuki held his breath.

‘C’mon kid, help me out here,’ he thought desperately.

“Near Shizuoka.”

‘So Yagi lives near Shizuoka…Got it.’ Katsuki fought a smirk.

“Eish, that’s far. I’m guessing I made you miss your train, no?”
“I-It’s alright! Another train is coming!” Izuku smiled brightly, and Katsuki just about died. “Thank you for the offer!” He bowed. “I’d better go, but it was nice to see you again!”

“You too kid.” Katsuki started his engine, trying to hide how satisfied he was for getting info.
“See ya ‘round, Deku.” He put his helmet on and revved his engine, just to make the kid jump a bit.

“B-Bye Kacchan!” Izuku waved as he pulled off, obviously ecstatic that he got to see his hero again.

‘Poor kid,’ Katsuki thought. He was probably gonna ruin his life.

Oh well.
Katsuki could now figure out what the next phase would be. He /could/ report his findings to his mother, but he figured it would probably be easier to do this on his own without any interference.

Deku trusted /him./

He had to be careful not to ruin that.

“Mmn… What…?”

“Wake uppp!”

“…Fuckin /why?/“

“C’mon, play with meee… Please?” Katsuki felt warmth bloom in his stomach as it tightened. “You’re my hero… Want my hero~”

“Fuck, what’s gotten into you, Deku?”}

When he heard no answer, Katsuki opened his eyes.
He groaned and sat up from his bed, feeling a heavy heat pulsing in his crotch.

He was hard as a rock.

He dragged his hand down his face. “What the fuck…” Before he could dissect the confusing boner pressed against his thigh, his phone began to ring.

It was Kirishima.
Kiri was Katsuki’s childhood hood friend and most trusted confidant, as well as the syndicate’s tattoo artist, like his father and grandfather.

“You comin bro? I got a lot of people waitin!”

“Just go on ahead, ‘m not comin in today,” Katsuki sighed. He’d really wanted to…
They’d planned to finish his other sleeve today, but Katsuki had important work to do.

He needed to move in closer to Deku, and he needed to do it as quickly as possible. Even if that meant going to the school and chatting with him everyday…like a weirdo. God…

“Why not?”
Katsuki almost slipped and told Kiri the updated situation, like he did with everything else, but he reminded himself to keep things under wraps. He had to.

“Still on that mission.”

“I still don’t know why you made that promise!” Kiri teased. “/Yagi,/ dude? He’s untouchable!”
“Fuck you!” One of Kiri’s favorite things to do was rile Katsuki up, and he never failed.

“Hahaha, I’m just kiddin bro! You know I believe in you! Let me know if you need anything!” Katsuki grunted. “And come by after the shop closes if you want. We can finish up!”

After the call ended, Katsuki fell back on his bed.

His hard on had deflated a bit since being on th phone, but at the slightest thought of Deku, he felt it stirring back up again.

He could still see those flushed freckles, feel those plump lips whispering against his neck.
He shook his head of morning fuzz and stood up. He had a couple of errands he needed to do before he went up to the school.

He needed to take a /real/ cold shower before /that./

After showering, he slipped on a cream colored turtleneck and some black slacks then headed out.
This time, Katsuki parked his motorcycle a ways down the street and just waited outside the school, feeling bold as usual. He figured he needed to stop creeping around if he wanted this to be a regular thing, and if he wanted to keep Deku from being suspicious.
He was surprised that the kid hadn’t caught on yet after the first time he saw him again.

Maybe being out of the public eye made him feel like he wouldn’t be targeted, even if he was the commissioner’s son.

‘Dumb little deku,’ Katsuki thought and squashed his cigarette.
Katsuki figured he was also naive because he probably hadn’t had someone not try to bully him for once, if Shouto’s reports were accurate, which they /definitely/ were.

Katsuki wouldn’t be a bully. He just needed information, and was up to Deku how long it would take to get it.
Speaking of the little broccoli head…

School had let out, and Deku was walking his way. Katsuki crossed his arms and waited for Deku to notice him, but he just walked right by.

“The hell? Oi, Deku!” He called. Deku turned around and ran back.

“H-Hi Kacchan! I didn’t see you!”
“Yeah, I /know./ The fuck’s goin on up there?” He gently brought his fist down on the top of Deku’s head and twisted it.

“Ow…” Deku whined. Katsuki knew it hadn’t hurt that bad.

Katsuki bent down to Deku’s level to get in his face. “You were thinkin bout me again, weren’tcha?”
He looked like a damn ladybug when all that blood rushed to his face.

“Kacchan!!!” He buried his face in his hands.

Katsuki stood back up and laughed. “You were!”

“No I wasn’t!!” Deku pouted and stood up straight. Ahh, so cute~ “I-I was thinking of what I wanted to eat…”
“/Uh-huh. Sure~/” Katsuki snickered.

He look up over Deku and spotted that group of kids from the other day. He felt his fists clench and his breath quicken.

All it would take was a few swings of his sword and—

“Are…are /y-you/ hungry?”

He looked back down at Deku. “Hah?”
Deku squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his fists.

“I just—I was wondering—Iwaswonderingifyouwerehungry!” He rushed out. Katsuki was taken by surprise for a moment before he smirked again. This kid just made teasing him way too easy.

“You askin me on a /date,/ Deku…?”
Deku just hid his face again and stomped past Katsuki. Katsuki let out a bellowing laugh before catching up to him and wrapping an arm around his tiny shoulders.

“Don’t be so tense Deku!” Katsuki knew it probably took a lot to ask him that, so he figured he’d ease up on the kid.
“What do you wanna eat? I’m buyin.”

Deku looked up at him. “Katsudon…?

“You got it.” The smile Deku gave rivaled the sun, and Katsuki‘s stomach twisted. Hm, maybe he was hungry after all.

They continued walking, and Deku’s small hand brushed against the one on his shoulder.
Katsuki jumped, and Deku pulled his hand down, seemingly not know what he was doing.

“S-Sorry!” Katsuki didn’t respond. When they made it to Katsuki’s bike, Deku hesitated. “I’ve never, um, been on a motorcycle…” He bunched the hem of his jacket in his hands and Katsuki smiled.
He climbed on and pat the seat behind him. “Just gotta hold on tight.” Deku shifted on his feet.

“Don’t I need a helmet?” Geez, this kid was such a baby.

“Wear mine.” He held it out to him. “It’s a bit big, but your hair will probably fill the space.” Katsuki snickered quietly.
Deku gave that signature pout of his and snatched the helmet away. Guess there was a little fire in him! He slipped it on, and Katsuki helped him secure it. The visor was flipped up, so he could see Deku’s blush due to Katsuki being so close. Cute.
Katsuki smacked the visor down, just to be mean. Deku stumbled back and Katsuki laughed again.

“C’mon. I know a place.” Deku secured his yellow backpack and climbed on the back of the motorcycle.

He scooted back a little to give Katsuki space and held onto the back of the seat.
“Gonna fly off like ridin that, stupid Deku.” He grabbed Deku’s wrists and wrapped them around his torso. “Hold on /tight./“ Deku held on, but with the slightest pressure. Katsuki rolled his eyes and started the bike, immediately revving the engine to scare Deku.
The kid yelped and finally held on tight, pressing his whole body flush against Katsuki’s back. Katsuki smirked and sped off.

He tried not to think of the small hands gripping his abdomen, or the thighs spread wide around his hips as he headed to his favorite restaurant.
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When they pulled up to the restaurant, Katsuki helped Deku take his helmet off and the two went inside. Deku timidly chose to sit in a booth so Katsuki sat across from him.

“Oi!” Katsuki called and snapped his fingers. Another perk of being in one of the fiercest gangs in Japan.
Instant service.

Katsuki noticed Deku’s confused expression when a young kid shuffled over and trembled as he took their order. He quickly poured them water then rushed off.

“Do you know him, Kacchan?” Deku asked quietly. Katsuki stared at him, trying to figure out what to say.
‘Nah, I’ve just threatened to burn this place down once or twice if they didn’t sell it to my mother.’

Obviously can’t say that.

“I own it.” Not a complete lie, though it wouldn’t have mattered it if was.

“Really? That’s really cool!” Deku’s eyes sparkled with adoration.
Katsuki just turned to look out the window, suddenly feeling warm.

“‘s not that great. Pain in the ass really.”

An absolute fact. The amount of times he’d had to slam people against these counters and break glasses over heads to keep them in line really drained him sometimes.
“Oh…” Deku smiled awkwardly and looked down.

‘Geez, did that really shut him down that quickly?’ Katsuki thought. His excitement probably didn’t get reciprocated very often.

“Thanks, though. ‘preciate that.” Deku look up at him through his long green lashes and smiled softly.
Katsuki sighed, trying to keep this train of faux friendship going. “What about you?”

“W-What about me?” Deku sank into his seat a little, almost as if the question scared him.

“What do you do? Besides school I mean.”

“Uh…nothing really…Just school.”

‘Kid’s a total stiff…’
That info could be useful, though. Somehow.

“Not in any clubs? Nothing?” Katsuki pressed.

“No…” Deku chuckle awkwardly. “I-I’m pretty boring, huh?” Katsuki’s chest felt oddly cold.

He can’t shame him like everyone else. He won’t get any information out of him by doing that.
“Nah, you just value your alone time. I’m like that too.”

Katsuki of course knew that wasn’t the case. The kid was considered a loser, so of course he didn’t really have much going on outside of school.

‘Eish, Yagi. Pay more attention to your kid.’

While they waited for their food, Katsuki continued to analyze Deku.

To get an idea of how he could further manipulate and use the kid, of course. That was all.

Deku was still holding onto his yellow backpack in his lap, arms wrapped around it like it was a life preserver.
Katsuki guessed it was a pretty reasonable reaction to the situation.

The kid was in a restaurant he’d never been to with a man much older than him that had been standing outside his school waiting for him.

Anyone would find that suspicious.

Then again Deku was a real airhead.
…and Katsuki had also been prodding him about his nonexistent social life, so he was probably reflecting and spiraling into a hole of self-loathing.

Katsuki didn’t remember things being this complex when he was a teen.

He’d had lots of friends and plenty of things to do.
He never considered how the other half lived.

He used to beat the crap out of kids like Deku, and now he saw first hand what shit like that had done to them.


“Had any trouble with those satan spawns lately?”

“Not more than usual. Nothing like…t-that again though…”
“Good.” Silence. “Oi.” Deku immediately jumped and looked up at him. Katsuki leaned forward on his big arms. “You good?”

“Y-Yeah!” Obviously a lie. “I’m fine!”

“Then why does it look like someone poured cement over your body?” Shit. Had he ruined things? “Do you…wanna leave?”
“No!” Deku frantically corrected him. “It’s just, I’ve never—! I’ve never…never been…”

Katsuki decided to push things a little bit. “Been on a /date?/” He smirked.

A light blush dusted Deku’s cheeks and he looked down at the table again. Katsuki felt bad for teasing him.
“This doesn’t have to be a date. I’m just getting you something eat.”

“Oh. Th-That’s all…?“ Deku looked almost…/disappointed…/

“Look. This can be whatever you want,” Katsuki spoke in a low, suggestive tone. “Date or not.”

“I—Oh…” Deku was glad the food came at that moment.
Katsuki smirked as their plates were set. Deku seemed absolutely overwhelmed. He definitely hadn’t been on a date before, and if he had, there was no chance he’d be this flustered.

Bakugou Katsuki had a dangerous amount of charm.

They ate in silence before Katsuki had an idea.
“Oi. Gimme your phone,” Katsuki mumbled through a mouthful. Deku’s brow furrowed as he tilted his head in confusion, but he reached into his pocket and passed it to Katsuki anyway. He quickly put in his number and saved it. “If your dumbass ever gets into trouble, you text me.”
Deku took his phone back and stared at the contact, seemingly in a trance.


“Nothing! …It’s just…I don’t really get a lot of numbers, eheheh…” He scratched the back of his head bashfully. Katsuki’s heart clenched. “I promise not to bother you too much!”
“Nah, text me whenever. We can just chat.”

“Oh, o-okay!” He looked down at the contact again, then pressed edit.

“What’re you doin?” Deku didn’t respond. He turned his phone around and held it up.

He’d changed the contact from ‘Katsuki’ to ‘Kacchan.’

“…Fuckin dumb deku.”
After eating, Katsuki offered Deku a ride home. The kid was much more comfortable riding on Katsuki’s motorcycle, and even holding on tight as they rode. Deku patted Katsuki’s thigh as they rolled up to a large, expensive-looking apartment complex.

‘Damn,’ Katsuki thought.
Katsuki decided to walk him up to his apartment unit. They got to the door and stood there awkwardly.

“You gonna go inside or what?” Katsuk asked impatiently. He was hoping no one in this place would recognize him as a gang member, even though it was high end.

“Yeah…I just…”
“Just /what,/ Deku?” Deku’s incessant muttering was honestly starting to bother him.

“I was gonna ask if you wanted some tea!”

Now, Katsuki knew that from a teen like /Deku,/ the question was nothing more than a innocent gesture of gratitude.
But in all of his past encounters, that question meant:

‘Wanna come in and fuck my brains out?’

Katsuki’s fists clenched and he could feel his stomach swirl in excitement like it always did when he was asked that question.

That dream he’d had the night before came back.
As he stared at Deku’s small stature, he imagined how easy it would be to toss him around like a rag doll. He imagined those huge green eyes dripping with tears like the first time he’d saw them in that alley. Those freckled lips would look so, /sooo/ good wrapped around his—
“Nah. I gotta go,” he answered quickly, his heart thundering.

“Ah, okay!” Deku answered with a bright smile and blushed for the thousandth time today. “Can we…do something tomorrow…?”

Katsuki smirked and ruffled his curly hair. “Sure kid.” The soft locks made his hand tingle.
Katsuki skipped steps on the way down, trying to shake the image of Deku on his knees from his mind.

He was just tired.

It had been a long day and entertaining that kid had been taxing on him. That was all.

/He was just tired./
But he still had a job to do, and thoughts like those would only overcomplicate things, so he needed to keep himself in check while he worked this kid for what he /really/ wanted.

He was just a tool. A means to an end.

Katsuki needed to remember that.
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The next morning, Katsuki woke up to a call from Shouto.

“Get up,” his friend said coldly.

“Get fucked,” Katsuki responded though a yawn.

Shouto sighed. “Kaminari secured an opportunity for you. Do you remember Hitoshi Shinsou?”

“That dead-eyed guy that Dunceface is screwin?”
Katsuki got up and cracked his back before connecting his phone to the home system. “What about him?”

“His father is Aizawa Shouta. He’s on the force with Yagi. Hitoshi hacked an encrypted file in his father’s email and found out that Yagi is looking for a body guard…”
“Okay and??”

“A body guard for his son, Midoriya Izuku.”

Katsuki froze.

“/What did you say?/“

Did they know he was working Deku for information?

“Hitoshi made a profile for you as one of the interviewees. You take a silencer to the interview, shoot him, and make your exit.”
Katsuki heavily sat down on his bed, trying to take in the large amount of information he’d received in just a few sentences.

It was still about killing Yagi, not Izuku.

Why did he feel relieved?


“…Why the fuck didn’t anyone run this shit by me first?” He growled.
“It was orchestrated in the last few hours. While you were /sleeping./ I called you twice,” he responded condescendingly.

Katsuki’s eyes rolled. “When‘s the interview, asshole?”

“In 2 hours.”

“Fuck!” Katsuki rushed to his closet to try and find the nicest pair of pants he had.
He also searched for the most opaque long-sleeved shirt he owned to cover all of his tattoos. “Why would that guy do this shit behind his father’s back?”

“Because we paid him for it. Well, actually /you/ paid him for it.”

“…Remind me why you have access to my bank account.”
“Because you make purchases like /$60/ at Sato’s yesterday.”

‘Well, I was buyin for two…’ Katsuki wanted to say.

“I was fuckin hungry, but fair enough.”

“Get ready. Get it done.” Shouto hung up without another word. Katsuki cursed to himself. He hated time crunches.
After getting out of the shower, he started to comb his wild hair back. He always needed tons of gel, so he was glad he’d stolen a jar from Kiri. His phone pinged over the speaker, and he walked out in his towel to grab it.

It was a message from Deku, who should be in /class./
It was a picture of his freckled face, one round cheek resting on his palm and his lips pushed into a little pout.

Deku: «Bored😪»

Katsuki spent at least two minutes staring at that picture.

Holy fuck… It should be illegal to be that goddamn cute…

«What do u think ur doin?»
His phone pinged after a couple of seconds.

Deku: «I’m dsorry I didn ask uif yyou wanted a piv sorry I’ve nevebr done t his beforw I’m reslly sorry»

Katsuki could hear his hands shaking as he typed the message.

Poor kid thought he’d fucked up bad just from a /question./
Had he never texted someone before? Katsuki would have to be careful with his texts, since texts were hard to interpret for anyone.

Katsuki sent a picture of him fake frowning back.

«No I meant why aren’t u payin attention»
«I’ll kick ur lil ass if u get in trouble Deku»
Katsuki wished that hadn’t made him think of Deku’s ass.

The text bubble appeared and disappeared a couple of times before a message finally came though.

Deku: «So pics r ok?»

«Yeah they’re ok. But don’t fuckin text me unless ur having lunch or out of class»
«Ok! Can’t wait to see u today! 💚»

Katsuki growled. “WHY IS GOD TOYING WITH ME?!”
Katsuki couldn’t remember the last time he was this nervous.

In a police station filled with…police.

He constantly checked his sleeves and collar to make sure that his tattoos were covered.
He wished he could text IcyHot, or Kiri, or /anyone/ that could give him some last minute courage for the crazy ass shit he was about to do.

Katsuki took a deep breath, trying to get his mind right.

‘Just get in, shoot him, get out. Get in, shoot him, get out. In. Shoot. Out.’
The more he though of it, the more reckless the plan sounded.

Planning his escape route below Yagi’s office window had been the easy part, but executing it? He didn’t know if that would go as well.

Maybe he should think up a different plan…

“Kaminari Katsuki?”
Right, Katsuki had to go in under an alias, so Dunceface thought it would be funny to make it his last name. Fucking idiot…

They also had to make his profile of an experienced bodyguard convincing, so he had to memorize most facts about himself on the walk over.
Had to be a fuckin interview…

Katsuki was lucky he’d always had quite the silver tongue.

He stood up and walked towards the man who’d called him.

“I’m Tsukauchi Naomasa,” he stuck out his hand and gave Katsuki’s a firm shake. “It’s nice to meet you. Right this way.”
Katsuki took a deep breath


Tsukauchi said that Yagi would be in shortly, and Katsuki did his best to hide his annoyance. This must have been an intimidation tactic or something.

He couldn’t wait to get this shit over with.

His pistol waited patiently in his pocket.
[1/2! Hate to do it to y’all again, but I’ve got a busy day today 😪 happy thanksgiving for anyone else in the states! 🦃🧡]
Incidentally, Katsuki didn’t end up having to wait that long.

Tsukauchi came in first to hold the door open, and a frail old blonde man came in, hunched over and leaning on a cane. He didn’t move like he was familiar with the cane, so he must’ve used it on and off.
Katsuki watched him as he made his way around his desk, and his hand itched to grab his gun.

/Patience,/ his father’s voice echoed in his head, even though it had been for a completely different, less sinister reason.

“Thank you, Tsukauchi,” he spoke kindly before coughing.
“Of course, sir!” Tsukauchi replied enthusiastically. Katsuki almost rolled his eyes.

When the door closed, Katsuki stared at Yagi as he read over his fake file. The man nodded at a few things, approving of whatever bullshit was printed on the papers.

Katsuki wanted to laugh.
Obviously age had gotten to him if he believed all this crap. That or Hitoshi has done a /really/ good job with the fabrication. He probably had, or Shouto wouldn’t have green lit this.

He just hoped he wouldn’t ask him too many questions.

He’d tried to be prepared though.
“Oh! I just realized I didn’t introduce myself!” The man laughed awkwardly at his absentmindedness. Definitely Izuku’s father. “I’m Yagi Toshinori, but you probably knew that.” He stuck his hand out.

“Kaminari Katsuki, sir.” Katsuki gave him a firm handshake.

“A pleasure!”
Katsuki fake smiled.

For most of the interview he was quiet, only speaking when confirming a question, or smiling and telling a small lie.

He wished Yagi would just turn around so he could shoot him. Staring at those kind, tired eyes made it more and more difficult to do this…
But why?

What was one more on the mountain of bodies he’d created over the years?

Izuku kept flashing in his mind as the interview went on. He was always…crying…

His stomach churned unpleasantly, and the pistol grew heavier and heavier in his pocket.

He had to do it soon.
“So Kaminari, I want to be as transparent about this job as I can, since you’ve been the most promising young man I’ve interviewed today.”

“Yes, sir.” Katsuki couldn’t count on two hands the number of times he’d said that today. That was probably what made him seem so promising.
“See, the person you’ll be guarding…”

Even though Katsuki knew who it was, seeing the hesitation Yagi had about divulging such sensitive information showed Katsuki just how much he cared for Izuku…

“You’ll be guarding…m-my son. Izuku.” Yagi folded his arms on his desk.
“I want to talk about the reason why I’m offering this job. And I’m telling you this in confidence, so please, do not let it leave this room…”

“Of course.” Katsuki nodded.

“The first reason is…” Yagi let out a shaky breath. “I believe Izuku…is possibly being targeted.”
Katsuki’s heart skipped a beat.

How the /fuck/ did word reach him so fast?!

He quietly took a deep breath to compose himself, then urged Yagi to continue. “Targeted by whom, sir?”

Yagi held out a folded piece of paper. “About a week and a half ago, this was nailed to my door.”
Katsuki unfolded the paper, and his whole body went cold when he read it.

In intentionally unruly handwriting, the note read:

‘Enjoy this transparent peace of yours while you can, Yagi. We took your wife, we’ll take your son, and then we’ll take you.

—The Bakugou Clan’
He set the paper down on the desk and folded his hands in his lap so he wouldn’t crumple it up.

What the fuck…?

“Three years ago, my wife, Inko, was shot and killed by a member of an unnamed group. Left in her hand was an unmarked bullet with ‘Yagi’ carved on it.”
‘That was /not/ us…’

It /couldn’t/ have been, or he’d have known about it…right?

His mother didn’t hide /anything/ about the family goings on from him. He was /always/ in the loop, and he was usually the /first/ to know.

But what if…

Everything about this screamed ‘wrong.’
“After that, I hid Izuku in plain sight. I moved him into his own apartment, enrolled him into a new school under his mother’s name. I even started to limit my contact…with my own /son./“ Yagi laughed dryly. “I’ve done everything I can, and I /still/ can’t protect him.”
Yagi’s sunken eyes shined a bit before he pinched the bridge of his nose. “I needed him isolated from me, at least until I knew who had done this to his mother. Now I do, and I need him safer than ever until I catch these bastards.”

Katsuki just stared at the man.
His mind was /racing./

There was /no way/ he could kill Yagi. Not now.

Sure, he now knew that the whole syndicate was in the man’s crosshairs, but more importantly, he needed to know if someone was impersonating his family, or if it actually /was/ them who’d murdered his wife.
Something smelled like complete and utter bullshit, and he needed to find the source before he could take any action against the commissioner.

If he did things prematurely, he’d bring the entirety of Japan’s police force down on his house’s head.

Katsuki cleared his throat before answering. “Yes, sir?”

“Although my son is safe at school, I need him supervised at all other times while the investigation is open. I’d have someone from the force handle it, but it would draw unwanted attention from the wrong people.”
“I know this is a big request, but can I trust you to protect him?”

They stared at each other for a moment, the tension in the room rising with Katsuki’s uncertainty.

Izuku’s different smiles flashed through his mind, and his heart yearned to see every single one eventually.
“Yes, you can,” he said with a nod.

Yagi’s smile almost blinded him, and Katsuki had to hold back laughter because of how much he reminded him of Izuku. Yagi stuck his hand out once more. Katsuki shook it.

“Thank you so much, Kaminari. I will forever be in your debt.”
After leaving the station, Katsuki immediately went home and laid in his bed to think.

‘Who the hell would frame us?’

Katsuki’s mind flipped through every one of his family’s enemies, and he couldn’t think of a single one that would dare to rise up against them like /this./
It had to be a new group, one that had a thirst for their power. He needed to talk to his mother and the other family heads to get to the bottom of this.

They would probably be extremely cross with him for not taking out Yagi, but Katsuki was sure that this was more important.
He’d do it after all this was sorted out.

Then, and only then, would Katsuki take his rightful throne.

But first things first.

He needed to figure out a way to explain his position to Deku without giving away that he’d been trying to /kidnap/ the kid when they first met.
[tbc! Thanks for waiting guys! You won’t be waiting as long for the next part since I’ve basically written it out ❤️ hope you liked it!]
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