So Tesla sold $1b in cars in Europe in the last two days of the quarter? And everyone paid by check? Despite few Europeans using checks? And despite the fact that Tesla-Europe doesn’t even accept checks?!

Or....Tesla is lying and their accounting is fraudulent.
The Netherlands, Norway, Spain registered about $45M worth of Teslas on the last two days on Q3.

Those 3 countries accounted for 40% of all Tesla registrations in the EU in Q3.
This implies $115M in EU registration the last two days of Q3. Yet, Tesla's AR is over $1B.
The rest of Europe only registered $585M worth of Teslas in all of October.

Tesla's lie is strictly impossible.
Total revenue in Q3 excluding US and China was $1.4B for all Q3. That includes $300M to Canada. ~$120M to Australia/New Zealand.

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