Friendly reminder: charter schools have worsened school segregation, do not perform better than public schools on the whole, often weed out struggling students & are culpable for millions of wasted $$ of education funding. Meanwhile, no one, not @ewarren or @BernieSanders...
Is talking about shutting schools down. Both candidates, rather, are seeking to impose a bare minimum of accountability & transparency on these privately run schools that are supposed to serve all students.
+ the elimination of special funding streams & privileges that allow charters to expand exponentially & at the expense of public schools.
Finally, follow the money. corporate billionaires are not donating 1000$ anonymously to fund public school advocates flying to attend political speeches. Only the conservative elites who fund the charter lobby are doing that for charter school parents. I wonder why...
Also charter expansion= union busting. Why the same people who support the charter lobby like the Waltons & Betsy DeVos also supported so called “right to work” laws that decimated unions(& left wing political power) in Wisconsin, WV & other states.
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