"If nothing is done we have about 30 years left before our planet becomes uninhabitable and only eleven before it is too late to do anything." ONLY LABOUR will start to deal with this danger and give a world lead to the desperately needed rescue of the planet.
2. NHS
"The NHS under the threat of total privitisation has become chronically underfunded, causing needless suffering & unnecessary deaths."
ONLY LABOUR will stop privatisation & properly fund the NHS to be a free, high level health service for all.
"A no-deal Tory Brexit will affect 50% of our trade, causing an economic crash + threatens to break up the UK, with the loss of N Ireland, Scotland and Gibraltar."
ONLY LABOUR can stop this. With Labour, you get to decide between a sensible Labour Brexit deal or Remain.
There are now levels of poverty and deprivation not seen in this country since before WWII.
ONLY LABOUR can put a stop to this disturbing and cruel system so that people are treated fairly and nobody is abandoned to die in the cold.
The fifth richest country in the world shouldn't have a homeless population of 230,000. A Labour government will tackle this national crisis and end rough sleeping within 5 years.
The Tories have failed to end the housing crisis. Millions of people are currently struggling to afford a decent home.
ONLY LABOUR will change this and invest in the biggest affordable housing programme for decades.
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