Starting an infosec Black Friday list - @eLearnSecurity has 25% off with code BLK-019
Evergoods (company started by a GoRuck founder) has good bags for tech that don’t look too tactical. Many on sale now
This is a quick one! About 12 hours to go at Shodan! “To celebrate a decade of discovery and growth we're going to offer the membership for $1 (marked down from $49) for the next 24 hours” (0:00 UTC to 24:00 UTC): 
Anker sales going on. These are great chargers and battery packs.
Great backpacks that are durable and hold all of my gear at onsite tests. GoRuck bags are on sale now.
iFixit has started their black and blue Friday. Get some deals on their excellent tools and kits. 
It’s kind of a tangent but I know a lot of hackers like a good pocket knife or multi tool. Cabela’s has online sales on Gerber knives and tools now -
Calling audiophiles! Sennheiser speakers and headphones sale on now. 
Healthy hackers! Uplift Desk has deals on standing desks and accessories - 
Pimoroni is running sales every day this week with a bunch of items to be added on Friday -
Das Keyboard has added a code! 20% off using DASFRIDAY
Yubico has a sale going on Yubikey 5 through 12/2 - - thanks to @Con_sigliere for the tip!
Urban Armor Gear has deals on their phone and tablet cases -
Pelican Colors has a 10% off code for their custom pelican cases until 12/2 with code BFWEEK2019 -
WiFi Explorer is 40% off right now. A really good wireless analysis software for the Mac -
Zagg has 40% off all items on their site now - 
Blog updated with all links I’ve found. Also found another excellent thread by @Infosec_Taylor with a ton more deals
weBoost cellular signal boosters has 10% off entire orders on their site with code TURKEY10 - 
@knoxss_me has up to 50% off from 11/29 - 12/2 -
HackerHouse has 40% off of their training classes now -
Hackerboxes has bundles!
NoStarch Press Black Friday sale is on! Go now!
Pentester Academy has 44% off membership plans -
Spark fun has up to 25% off -
Securizame has courses in Spanish! I think this is a cool idea. From @Carlos_Perez -
@gabsmashh has her own CompTIA code y’all. She wins this discount thing. -
Adafruit has 15% off storewide and 20% off feathers with code ADATHANKS - 
Particle has up to 40% off on IoT parts -
Not necessarily hacking specific but Skillshare has 40% off annual memberships with the code CyberDeal2019 - 
A great discount on Report URI! -
Not really #000 Friday but remember. Shmoo tickets tomorrow.
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