[Thread] about some German foreign fighters and their weapons in greater #Idlib.

The first one is Abu Khalid Almani, he is likely of Turkish origin and a child of Turkish immigrants, he doesn't show it much, but he wears glasses.

He came to Syria in early 2013, and now has a wife and children.

He is fighting with the small group Junud al-Sham in Latakia and regularly goes on to Ribat (Frontline) and sometimes to Kabani where he is currently. He is not the only German who has joined them there,

but about 30, mostly from Berlin, Bonn and Frankfurt in the years 2013-14, but most of them defected to ISIS in 2014. He participated in battles of Hama countryside (idk date, but not 2019). He ask for donations and it could be that he collects the donations, not only to

support himself and buy military equipment/weapons, but also to give a certain percentage to his group.

His group and he cooperates with the OPS Room: Incite the believer in Latakia and participated in the last two assaults on regime positions. He also has contact with

their leader Muslim Margoshvili alias Muslim Abu Walid, a Chechen fighter. In 2016 the size of the group was estimated at about 30 fighters, but according to reports from the German government

In this video their leader has rented a swimming pool for some of his fighters.

they estimated several hundred fighters in 2018, this could be old data before the defection.

His first weapon is a FAL 50.00 (most likely an ex-regime or one that was supplied to rebel groups by foreign donors and then leaked to them) equipped with a (prob.) Chinese SVD

scope and used as a DMR. He ditched the FAL for an AKM equipped with SAR-308 furniture except the grip, a handmade suppressor in early 2019, but changed it to a shorter version and it's also equipped with a Fortuna One 6L COTS thermal scope, which cost roughly five thousand

dollar on the Idlibi market. The short versions of the Idlibi pattern suppressor appeared in mid-2019 with HTS fighters during the fighting in Hama. Another of his or a borrowed weapons is a suppressed AK-103 with a Pulsar Apex XD75 COTS thermal scope. He seemed to have

borrowed an M16A4 with a low-power scope for a video from a friendly fighter. The group also has a suppressed craftmade copy of the Iranian AM-50 with a Chinese W85 HMG barrel. Here he can be seen with a Browning AN/M2.50 cal aircraft HMG.

Conclusion: Junud al-Sham or

at least his group has a certain monetary support, which you can see in their weapons/attachment, which cost much on the local market.

The second is a fighter named Abu Fatimah, I am not sure if he has a migration background. There is not much known about this fighter,

his online presence suggests that he is from at least 2019 in Idlib, but likely much longer probably several years.

He first seems to have joined HTS or an HTS affiliated group and then later around mid-2019, Malhama Tactical. He is not an instructor for Malhama Tactical,

he has been doing reconnaissance in mid 2019 in Hama Province them and is collecting donations for the group from which they bought a dirt bike.

He seems to have collected quite bit of money from the donations he bought himself some of the best gear on the Idlibi market.

He also recently collects money to donate to other people in need, e.g. he gave money to IDPs and bought wood for another fighter for the winter.

One of his rifles is an AKM with SAR-308 furniture. His main rifle is a pre-1988 probably Russian AK-74, initially equipping

his rifle with an AR15 style folding stock, cheap Hadnguard, angled front grip and a flashlight holder. Later he changed the stock to an AK plastic stock, had a Kryptec paint job applied, probadly a side mount added, Vortex Sparc 2 RDS and a flashlight is now in the holder.

The last fighter named Abu (Name starts with F but can't be understood when he says it.) Almani, I'm not sure if he has a migration background.

Not much is known about him but it seems that he is a relatively new fighter and joined as a fighter in 2019, but it is possible

that he was already in idlib before and he has a wife and children. He joined Hayat Tahrir al-Sham the biggest Idlib faction. When he came to HTS, he was first deployed in Aleppo, but later, when Hama heated up he went there. At that time, as most German foreign fighters,

he asked for money to buy equipment and weapons. His first weapon is an East German MPi-KM, which he probably borrowed from another fighter. His first own weapons were an AKMS with aftermarket handguard.

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