(1) Thread: Andrew Mountbatten-Windsor, #YoureFired.

#EDKH #JusticeIsComing #DrainTheSwamp
(2) First, let's remember that this man's campaign for justice is the reason that Epstein was re-arrested in 2019 at all, opening this can of worms across the Atlantic in London.

His DOJ has seen thousands of innocent young people rescued so far.

#Hero #ToughOnCrime
(3) But but Trump went to the same parties as Epstein and Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton and... wait, what?

Two words: Flight logs.

Andrew didn't just fly to Epstein's Island... he took his family there too. Ill-judged, indeed.
(4) I've been observing Prince Andrew since my childhood in the 1970s. He is not very bright. And he is incredibly spoiled.

He makes that other pedophile-befriending prince look good. How about that!

(Below: The vile Jimmy Savile)
(6) The number one rule that has sustained the British Monarchy since the 1936 abdication crisis is "Never Complain, Never Explain."

That other intellectual lightweight, Prince Harry, broke the rule recently, and I wrote about it here.

But the case of Randy Andy is different.
(7) Andrew needed to "explain" that he "unreservedly" regretted his ill-judged friendship with Epstein. But he did the exact opposite in the interview.

He was forced to agree to a PR-crafted statement just days later; so his explanation is not believable. We are not stupid.
(8) His supposed empathy for the rape survivors is not believable.

"I can only hope that, in time, they will be able to rebuild their lives."

Dude, you could've shown by your actions that you're on the side of justice, but you blew it. Spectacularly. https://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2015/08/08/10-things-not-to-say-to-a-victim-of-sexual-assault/
(9) Prince Andrew's feigned concern for the many survivors of his child-rapist buddy Epstein is particularly repugnant. Because actions speak louder than words.

Timely actions speak much louder than late, forced, words.

There is no excuse for his ignorance, at age 59.
(10) I am particularly angered by what his behavior has done to the British monarchy, which, as an institution, is vital to the safety & security of this great country & it's people.

I know some will disagree with my view & that's fine. IMO, it's about freedom vs communism.
(11) For me, all of politics, indeed, all of life, is about freedom vs communism.

I am a student of history, and the history of the British Isles is about the near thousand-year success of a constitutionally adaptable monarchy and state.

It has survived idiot princes before.
(12) King Edward VIII did not abdicate because of "the woman I love." Like his niece's son Prince Andrew, he was fired.

It took an elaborate plan by PM Stanley Baldwin and others, to get this Hitler sympathizer out of the way, and just in the nick of time.
(14) Prince Charles is currently on an official visit to NZ, to mark 250 years since Captain James Cook's arrival on behalf of the British Crown.

It's another aspect of Prince Andrew's stupidity & self-absorption to overshadow his senior counterpart's important visit.
(17) Relevant to the #PariahPrince fiasco:

President Trump's DOJ moved on Epstein in 2019. Trump has had a long relationship with numerous members of the British royal family, including Prince Charles, the Queen, & this brave young woman:

(18) To understand the Prince Andrew story & the Jeffrey Epstein story you have to realize the difference between US federal law enforcement against Epstein under Clinton-Bush-Obama vs under Trump.

It's another example of Trump's courage & his stance against organized crime.
(19) Trump knew that the DOJ moving against Epstein would trigger a cascade of pain for the daughters of Prince Andrew, & for many others who clearly had no part in the crimes or the cover-up.

Beatrice & Eugenie were little kids when their father started partying with Epstein.
(20) For me it puts that 2018 royal wedding tweet in a whole new context. At the time it seemed strange to most people, but I knew Trump had been friends of the royals for a long time. Princess Diana had reportedly been considering buying an apartment in Trump Tower.
(21) I doubt that private citizen Trump found any intellectual stimulation in hanging around Andrew, but he had a soft spot for the hapless Diana & Sarah, & their obviously innocent kids, who are of the same generation as his own. He also adores fellow Churchill fan QEII.
(22) I am starting to question whether the gullible & emotionally immature Andrew was targeted by the deep state &/or a foreign power, for entrapment so that a serious scandal would one day blow up, harming the institution of the monarchy, & UK independence.

An easy target.
(23) The sweetest prize for communists, whether National Socialists in 1930s Germany, Bolsheviks in the former USSR, or the Chinese, is the freedom-loving US and UK.

The two are indivisible. If one falls, the other would too.
(24) A monarchy, even a strong, constitutional one like that of the UK, is a weak point in a free country, for numerous reasons.

The US Founding Fathers knew this & dealt with the problem.

Even FDR came to realize that the special relationship is a crucial national interest.
(25) If the UK had fallen in WWII, the Reich would have controlled strategic interests around the world that would have made the maintenance of US national security a great deal harder.

I thank God, Churchill, & George VI that the US saved the UK in the nick of time.
(26) I'll continue this in another thread since this one is getting too long.

My key point is that all this is interconnected.

And it is infinitely more important to the US than the Inpeach Clownshow. Therefore, media are ignoring it.

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