Bernie Sanders has not tweeted a single word about impeachment all week. In the midst of this damning testimony against Trump, does he stand up for republicans? No. He continues to attack democrats. It’s time to ask just whose side he is on.
Start asking questions: why did Bernie have Roger Stone’s friend and connection to Wikileaks, Randy Credico, working for his campaign? Credico then became a Bernie-to-Jill Stein surrogate. Why did another Bernie surrogate, Michael Moore, visit Assange shortly before the...
Wikileaks email dump? And why in the world would Bernie hire Tad Devine to run his campaign *while* he was still working with his partner Paul Manafort for Putin in Ukraine? Remember, the Mueller Report concluded Putin supported and helped Bernie too:
And perhaps most telling: Bernie has either abstained or voted no on Russian sanctions four times. Why? What possible reason could justify it?
Am I saying Bernie is an agent of the Kremlin? Not necessarily. I don’t think we have enough information to know that but I do think there are enough odd “coincidences” and red flags that the media has been derelict in not investigating further. We know Putin likes Bernie. We
know Bernie voted against Russian sanctions multiple times. We know Bernie received untraced foreign money in 2015-2016 that was flagged by the FEC. And we know his campaign had a lot of direct ties to people involved in Russian interference. It stinks.
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