Anyways, #kiribaku au where short, skinny 20 something Katsuki is a receptionist at a rec center with the biggest fucking boner for tall 40 something Kirishima with gray hairs and a slight belly bulge, the pottery teacher. He loves watching those thick, hairy hands work the clay.
The intense concentration on his face as he works hard and steady to make something breathtakingly beautiful.

Katsuki wants to his on his face.
Kirishima is 100% aware of everything.

It would be a little hard not to notice, since those eyes seem to stare into his goddamn soul, glistening with hunger.

It flatters him, if he's being honest. Such a young, good looking guy wants him? Old and fat and going grey?
Oh, yeah.

The ego is stroked long and slow.

Maybe one day he comes when he doesn't have any classes, sits right in direct view of the front desk, and works his clay.

Katsuki can't stop looking. Can't stop watching, can't stop himself from getting hard in his jeans.
Fuck, his HANDS.

So big and strong, with a light dusting of black hair across the back that become thicker when they reach his arms, which Katsuki can see because thr sleeves are unbuttoned and pushed up to his elbows, and if that isn't th HOTTEST thing.
But his hands are what grab his attention the most.

Covered in thick, mushy clay, stroking and working and rubbing, circling around the rounded tip just like he imagines they would on his dick, rubbing the soaked head to spread his precum.
Katsuki shivers, his mouth hanging open, unable to stop watching. Barely willing to blink lest he miss anything that's happening through the glass windows.
He watches those hands flatten the clay, rough and hard, and imagines those same hands roughing him up, grabbing and pushing with enough force to leave those pain/pleasure after sex bruises on his hips.

Watches them dip into the basin of water before starting again.
This time they don't immediately start molding. They gently trace across the clay, as if caressing the skin of a lover. Slowly dipping into the small opening before pulling out, repeating the motion over and over again until the clay slowly takes the shape of a bowl.
Katsuki whines quietly, squirming as his dick pulses against his zipper, the wet head of his dick rubbing across his boxers.

He can imagine those fingers inside of him, pushing one after another into his twitching hole.

(QRT or I'll DELETE-)

(Jk I would never. But for real, QRT.)
And then his favorite part.

The hands encircle the bowl, and distantly Katsuki is aware of those thick, juicy thighs moving faster, pumping the little peddle to make the wheel spin, the bowl shaping in his hands.
So gentle, but also firm, strong fingers pushing and pinching, demanding the clay take only the shape that he approves.

Katsuki wants nothing more than to be shaped as well, whimpering as he pushes his erection against the front desk, desperate for any kind of friction.
He ruts against the desk while Kirishima works, quiet gasps and sighs falling from his lips as he tries to keep his knees from buckling and his eyes from falling shut.

He can't miss anything.

The bowl is destroyed with one firm squeeze of those strong hands, crushing it.
Katsuki gasps, the little twitches of his hips becoming full-fledged thrusts as he watches.

(Brb, test time)
The hands are moving again, one dipping into the bowl as the other starts to shape. Katsuki watches as it becomes another tall pole, rounded out at the top.

His breath catches in his chest when the hand wraps around the clay...and begins to stroke.
Up, down, up, down, the thumb occasionally running over the top. It's erotic. He falls into the rhythm of the wheel, pressing forward on every upstroke and pulling back with a soft moan on every downstroke.
The hands are speeding up now, stroking faster, and Katsuki knows he probably looks like a fucked out mess, spread out across the front desk while he watches fucking pottery being made but goddamnit, thoaw hands are so erotic, almost as if they know he's watching-

His eyes snap up, shocked red meeting lust darkened crimson.


Kirishima is watching him from underneath long, beautiful eyeslashes, one of the gray speckled locks falling from his messy bun and across his face, making him look ten times sexier than usual.
Katsuki shivers, some kind of noise crawling up his throat to echo through the empty hallways.

Kirishima smirks once before breaking the stare.

Katsuki watches as he gathers the clay, dropping it into a storage bin to be used later.
He uses his foot to shove the pottery stool out of the way and-



Strong, thick thighs spread slowly, pulling those worn gray sweats tight over what's probably the biggest dick the blond has ever seen. It's at least seven inches long, and that's only through pants.
It seems to curve hard to the left, perfect for finding and abusing a soft, eager prostate.

Katsuki swallows hard.

He watches, wide eyed, as that fucking gigantic hand reaches down, cupping himself and rubbing slowly, fondling what he knows is a huge nutsack full of hot cum.
He wants to bury his face underneath them, wants Kirishima's sweaty, hairy ballsack to be the last fucking thing he ever fucking smells.

And just when he thinks it couldn't get any better, the redhead hooks a clay coated thumb over the waistband of his sweats and pulls down.
Katsuki can't /hear/ the sound the monster dick makes when it smacks against Kirishima's pudgy but still defined abs, but he can fucking /feel/ that shit in his soul, his hole clenching with the need to be filled.

But he doesn't move.

Not yet.

He didn't have permission.
He didn't know how he knew he needed it, he just knew he did.

The way those eyes looked at him...

God fucking damn it, he wanted to cum.

He glances down, whimpering as his shaking hand fumbles with his belt buckle when a loud thud makes his head snap back up again.
The thick sole of a black combat boot is resting against the heavy glass, and fuck, what kind of pottery instructor wears combat boots, no wonder he wanted to be fucking railed by this guy.

Kirishima is watching him with a frown, shaking his head slowly.


Don't touch.
"It's my dick!" He yells angrily into the empty building, frustration and arousal warring in his head.

Kirishima watches him for a few seconds more and then shrugs, dropping his foot as he starts to tuck his dick back into his pants.

And no, absolutely the FUCK NOT-

The redhead pauses, leveling him with a highly unimpressed look.

"Look! I won't touch! See?" He says desperately, placing his palms flat on the surface of the desk, his skin so feverish that he's creating steam imprints.

"I'll be good! I swear!"
Kirishima squints, looking him all over, and stand anyway, heading to the side of the room, away from the windows.

Katsuki doesn't whimper.

He doesn't.

He watches hungrily, his cock throbbing in his jeans.

And it's a good thing he does.
Just before Kirishi.a walks out of sight, he flashes him a wicked smirk, beckoning him with a finger.

'Come here'.

He almost falls flat on his face racing around the counter, barely remembering to lock the building doors and flip the sign from open to closed.
Thank fucking god it's the middle of the fucking day and not later in the evening, when the rec center is usually packed.

He's pushing open the pottery class door in no time at all, his eyws immediately locking onto the broad back across the room.
Fuck, he's so big. Could probably easily choke him out with one of those thick arms.

Katsuki swallowed, the sound loud in his ears and accompanied by the sound of rushing water as Kirishima washes his hands.

"You know, you're a bit of a perv, dude," the redhead says suddenly.
His voice pours over his thoughts like syrup, warm and thick, heavy with the weight of arousal.

Katsuki huffed, crossing his arms defensively over his chest. "Like you're one to talk, Mr. Pottery Porn."

Kirishima laughed, and /fuck/ has his laugh always been that sexy?
"To be fair, I thought you would blush and yell at me about being indecent. Didn't think you would go all weak kneed and slutty on me."

He shuddered, the hairs on his arms raising when thr other man puts emphasis on the word 'slutty' in a way that's unmistakably sexual.
"M-maybe I'm not as uptight as you thought," he replies.

When Kirishima turns he's sporting a teasing half smile, but the heat in his eyes is anything but playful.

It's scorching, leaving a trail of fire on his skin where ever his gaze lands.

"Is that right...?"
"Yeah. Maybe I'm...loose."

Both of Kirishima's eyebrows shoot upwards, and he immediately wants to die.

"Is that right?" The man asks, and it's clear that he's holding on to his laughter by the thinnest of strings.

"Shut the fuck up!" He snaps, his face beet red.
The pottery teacher grins at him, showing off ridiculously sharp teeth.

"Fuck are your teeth so sharp for anyways?" He sneers, scrambling to restore his pride.

"All the better to eat you with."

And oh, hello erection, almost forgot about you.
His eyes flick upwards, locking on to similar ones as Kirishima's friendly grin melts into a cocky, flirtatious smirk.

"Why don't you come over here, /Katsuki/?"

Holy FU-

He stumbles forward, heart doing backflips and death drops in his chest the closer he gets.
And when he gets close enough to hesitate, Kirishima is there to help him along, wrapping a large, thick arm around his tiny waist and yanking him forward until they're pressed chest to chest, his thick erection digging into Katsuki's stomach.

Katsuki shuddered.
Holy fucking shit, Kirishima smelled so good. Like sweat and clay and some kind of musky, woodsy scent that made him lightheaded with need.

"Fuck," he whispered weakly.

"Maybe. If you're good," the other promised, pushing him up against the wall next to them.
And CHRIST, okay, Katsuki was tall for his age. And he was no slouch either, putting in work at the gym like no one's business.

But holy hell, did Kirishima make him feel small and dainty. Fucking both of his legs could probably make one of Kirishima's.
And based on the harsh way Kirishima exhaled when he found that he could touch the tips of his fingers together while they were wrapped around Katsuki's waist, he was realizing it, too.

"Fuck, you're so small," he whispered in awe.
Katsuki whined, high and breathy as the fingers of one hand gently slipped under his shirt and began tracing across his quivering stomach while the other reached downnto cup one perky asscheek abd yank him up until his clothed cock was grinding against a thick thigh.
His brain almost shuts down from the stimulation alone, his head flying back and a pitched cry bursting from his throat.

"You sure you wanna do this with a nasty old man like me?" Kirishima asks teasingly in his ear, his breathing fast and excited.
He's not even let Katsuki control his own hips, instead using a firm grip to manually rock him against his leg, and fuck if the blond isn't quickly becoming a whole ass mess, his nails digging into broad shoulders as he moans and whimpers cutely.
"P-please!" He finally manages to gasp out, staring into Kirishima's eyes with his own desperately needy ones. "Please, fuck me, I want it, pl-!"

The rest of his sentence is cut off when Kirishima slams him down onto the table next to them, sending paints and bowls scattering.
He barely has time to catch his breath that had been rudely expelled from his lungs before Kirishima is yanking his pants and underwear down, freeing his erection to the open air.

It's flushed pink with a red head, dribbling beads of precum from the tip.
Average sized, but somehow elegant in the way it curves slightly to the right, with a thin patch of blond hairs wrapped around the base.

Kirishima immediately falls in love.

Can you fall in love with a dick?


"Oh, look how cute your dick it," he coos softly.
Any kind of angry retort Katsuki would have made flies from his head and into the stratosphere when the redhead wraps a large hand around almost the entire thing and just squeezes gently, sending goosebumbs breaking out across his arms and a broken moan falling from his mouth.
However the feeling of his hand is nothing compared to the feeling of his mouth, sliding all the way down to the base in one smooth movement.

Katsuki chokes, going cross eyed as pleasure unlike anything he's ever known rips through his veins, making his toes curl.
Kirishima moans low in his throat, smirking around his mouthful as Katsuki weakly curses up a storm at the feeling of his throat vibrating around the head of his dick.

He can feel it pulsing against his tongue, can taste the bitter salt taste in the back of his throat.
It's definitely been a long time since he's done this, but goddamn if this old dad bod didn't remember a few tricks.

Such as how to open his throat when Katsuki eventually began to weakly thrust his hips, unable to control himself, greedy for more of that tight heat.
"Holy shit, holy shit, oh my fffffff-!" Katsuki was gasping, watching in wide eyed wonder as Kirishima took all seven and a half of his inches to the hilt every time, never choking or gagging no matter how rough or fast he thrust his hips.
His orgasm was ripped from his very bones when Kirishima looked up into his eyes, blown wide with arousal as he gently fondled his balls with a large, rough hand.

He tossed his head back, squeezing his eyes shut until little black spots danced across the backs of his eyelids.
Pumping a ridiculously thick load of cum down the other's throat as he grabbed a fistful of red and grey hair in each hand, his thighs clamping shut around broad shoulders.

"Holy FUCKING christ," he gasped, his hips still humping forward desperately, dragging out his pleasure.
He barely bites back a high whine of disappointment when Kirishima pulls away, pouting as his body comes down from it's high.

The image of Kirishima licking cum from his lips before flashing him a wicked, sharp toothed grin will be forever engraved upon his spank bank.
"You always cum that fast when a guy sucks your dick?" The man asks, slipping his Converse off his feet and letting them thump to the floor so that he can finally pull his pants all the way off.

"Wouldn't know," he responds tiredly, right before clapping a hand over his mouth.
Kirishima freezes, one hand holding his leg in the air and the other right in the middle of dragging his pant leg down and off.

Katsuki freezes as well, his heart hammering erratically.


"...Are you implying what I think you're implying...?" Kirishima finally asks.
Katsuki scoffs weakly, turning his face away.

"Y-yeah, I am. Is it a fucking problem?"

Firm hands dig into the meat of his thigh harshly and he hisses, swatting at the older man.

"OI, watch it you fucking-!"

He chokes.

Kirishima is looking at his again.
He's panting, just a little bit, and his eyes are wild, pupils blown wide with lust.

He pushes Katsuki's leg up, towards his chest, and settles in between pale thighs, his still clothes cock pressing against the blond's own as he looks deep into his eyes, searching.
And he must like whatever he finds, because suddenly Katsuki is being fucking devoured, a hot tongue plunging into his mouth as large hands begin to grope and squeeze at his body. He has to shove the bastard's face away with one hand just to breathe.
But that doesn't stop him. It instead motivates him to suck a line of hickeys down his neck as his hands reach down to grip two firm asscheeks tightly and pull his hips forward, making their grind their cocks, one bare and one clothed, together.
"Holy fucking shit, that's so hot, what the fuck," he's whispering into his skin, his wandering hands sending fire racing down his spine as he dropa his head back into a cry of pure need, a cry that has Kirishima biting off a feral curse right before he rips his t-shirt in two.
Straight down the middle.
If Katsuki had been close to orgasm in any way, shape or form, he would have creamed himself right then and there.

As it were he just gasps loudly, his dick pulsing as he watches his shirt fall to pieces on either side of him right before Kirishima sucks a nipple into his mouth.
The redhead is descending into madness, his sharp teeth scraping the edge of the younger male's erect nipple as his other hand flies down, shoving his pants downnto mid thigh and once again freeing his erection to the room.

He can't believe it.
Bakugou Katsuki.

This sexy as fuck, twenty something year old beauty of a man.

Was a virgin.

And wanted HIM.

Kirishima Eijirou.

Grey and fat and wrinkled.

To fuck him into the ground.

Oh, he was absolutely up to the task.
"Gonna ruin you," he pants once he frees the small nub, now wet and red from stimulation as his thumb flicka and pinches at the other one, relishing in Katsuki's broken cries. "Gonna make your first time so good, you'll be destroyed for anyone else."
"Y-you talk a lot of game, old man," Katsuki pants out with a weak chuckle. "L-let's see if you live up to it."

Kirishima grins, bright and savage, right before flipping him over like the world's sluttiest pancake onto his stomach.
"Like a little virgin like you would be able to tell if I did or not."

And well fuck, he can't exactly debate that.

So he scoffs softly instead, spreading his legs so that Kirishima gets a nice glimpse between his cheeks at the twitching hole hiding there.
He expects to feel fingers gently exploring his hidden places, maybe covered in a bit of spit to make the slide a little easier.

He does NOT expect Kirishima to fucking LIFT his lower half onto the goddamn table putting him at perfect height to the man's face.

The feeling of a hot, wet tongue dragging over his hole makes him choke on his words, his head dropping back down onto his arms as heat races across his skin.

"Holy FUCK-!"

Kirishima moans loudly, and Katsuki shudders as it rumbles across his insides.
But that's nothing compared to the feeling of the tip of his tongue wiggling against his small hole, pushing and retreating over and over again while Katsuki drools all over the table, his cock hanging heavy between his legs.

"Ohmuhfuhckinguh," he slurs.
And JUST when he thinks it couldn't possibly get any better, that he's reached the peak amount of pleasure, and will never feel anything better than this, two of Kirishima's thick ass fingers are pushed inside of him alongside his tongue.

He chokes on his spit.
It burns.

It burns so fucking good.

Katsuki lets out an obscene whine as his shaking hands tangle in red hair, yanking his face even closer, moaning as the fingers push deeper, aided by hot saliva.

"Holy fucking SHIT-!"
"Fucking tight," he hears Kirishima growl between his legs, biting softly at his left inner thigh as his fingers continue to push and stretch him open. "God, you're gonna break on my dick, aren't you baby boy?"

And fuck, he's so ready to be broken, so ready to be filled.
"Please!" He cries out, his head falling back against the table as he let's his hands drop from bright hair to broad shoulders, choking on another moan as a third fingers fills him on the next thrust, making sparks dance behind his closed eyelids.
Kirishima shivers, watching avidly as his thick fingers disappear into that small body over and over again, stretching him to the point that he can see those pink virgin insides with every thrust.

It make his dick /ache/ with the need to absolutely bury himself inside.
He grins, wide and savage, as he starts to thrust a little deeper, curling his fingers steadily towards the blond's belly button until...


"Fuck yeah," he growls, pressing insistantly against the small, spongey nub, watching red eyes go wide with shock.
Katsuki tries to twist away, overwhelmed by this type of pleasure, but Kirishima holds fast, his fingers pressing deep from the inside as his thumb rubs against it from the outside.

"Fuck, look at you, you're so pretty," he pants softly, his eyes darting this way and that.
Eager and desperate to see every twitch and expression. Ears tuned in to every shaky moan and wet squelch of his own fingers. He's feverish with need, and he quickly reaches his breaking point hearing Katsuki's cries getting louder as he rubs up against that spot inside of him.
But it's only when Katsuki blinks tear filled, ruby colored eyes at him as he's riding his fingers hard and fast that it disintegrates all together.

He pulls his fingers free with a soft, wet sound at the same time he leans down to dig through his pockets.
Pulling a small tube of lube out and flicking it open.

"Could have just used that in the first place, dick," Katsuki reprimands him weakly, but its kind of diluted by his teary eyes and shaky legs.

Kirishima shrugs, dribbling the thickened liquid onto his fingers. "Could have."
And then Katsuki is gasping as cool fingers slip between his cheeks.

The slide is MUCH easier with actual lube instead of spit, and he has half a mind to kick Kirishima in the face for not pulling it out earlier, but then those fingers are twisting and he loses every thought.
"Oh, fuck," he gasps, his fingers curling around the edge of the table as he spreads his legs ever wider.

His heart is thundering in his chest, and he can feel those sharp, hungry eyes feasting on his every move.

It makes him shiver.

"Please, God, please!"
"Just Kirishima is fine," the redhead jokes and what the FUCK EVEN HIS DAD JOKES ARE HOT.

"I wish I had something to throw at you," he gasps, his head falling back as his hips twitch up. "I am stretched /enough/, please just fucking FUCK me!"

"So angry," Kirishima tsks.
But his fingers are sliding free, and then a ridiculously thick, leaking cock head is pressing against his hole.

"Are you ready?" Kirishima asks him, softly pushing blond hair away from his face so that he can have unrestricted access to all of his expressions.
And...Katsuki thinks about it.

He stops staring into red eyes and starts looking at the whole package.

Crows feet and laugh lines carved into his face.

A rough, stubby beard stretching from one side of his face to the other.

The soft grey hairs at his temples.
The fat, plush tits and the roundness of pudge, lightly protruding from his stomach area and all of it covered in a heavy layer of somewhat coarse black and white hair.
His legs, heavy and solid, that have no problem supporting not only Kirishima's weight, but his own, as if he weighs no more than the lightest of feathers, also sprinkled with black and white hair.

Pubic hair thick and probably pungent.

His dick.

Solid. Heavy. Fat as all fuck.
Leaking all over his own lower belly and flushed an angry red. It twitches when Katsuki looks at it, and a fat bead of precum gushes from the head to drip down onto his skin.

He has to force himself to look away and continue his perusal, the sight too erotic for his mortal eyes.
His forces his eyes to look instead at broad shoulders, traveling from the hair dusting stretched marked skin all the way down to the heavier coating across burly forearms and thick fingers.

The tan line on the ring finger of his left hand, almost returned to normal coloring.
It may have taken hours for him to think about it.

It may have actually taken only seconds.

But at the end of it all, he knows deep in his soul that he wants the same thing.

To be absolutely railed by this gentle giant beast of a man.
And so, with a disbelieving scoff, he wraps his legs around the man's thick waist and locks them tight.

"I've been ready, old man. Hurry up with it before I'm /your/ age, hah?"

Kirishima's grin is blinding.

"Whatever you say."

And then he begins to /push/.
The first thing Katsuki notices is the audacity.

"Fuck," he gasps, eyes rolling into the back of his head as the tip pops inside.

"God, you're fucking tight," Kirishima hisses, rolling his hips in a slow circle that sends him in another inch and makes the blond cry out.
"You're just /big/," he whines, and he /means/ it, it burns so much, way more that his fingers, but it also makes his dick leak against his belly.

A strained laugh is the redhead's reply as he digs thick fingers into pale thighs, not stopping and not relenting.
"I'm big all over, baby."

"Don't I fucking know it," Katsuki groans back, digging small fingers into the thick pudge of his belly. "But that only literally makes you that much hotter."

"You're doing a lot of talking for a man with a dick in his ass."
"Well then maybe you art fucking me like you should be. Old age making you lose your touch, hah old m-AH!"

Kirishima slams forward with a soft grunt, sending what feels like at least a million inches inside of him at once.

"Loosing my touch, huh?" The redhead muttered.
Shifting his feet until he's standing solid on the slippery floor. "Well see about that."

Katsuki yelps when Kirishima thrusts again, heavy balls slapping against his ass cheeks as he starts up a steady, rough pace.
He can't move, can't run, those large hairy hands solid on his hips. Preventing him from scrambling away as he starts to pick up speed.

"A-ah! Fuck! Fuck!" He gasps, the muscles in his thighs jumping as he digs his fingers into the loose papers underneath him.
"Now," Kirishima pants, grinning widely as he stares down at him. "You keep calling me old man. But tell me, /Katsuki/..."

The blond whines, high and needy.

"Could any boy you've evee met fuck you like this?" He purrs, tightening his hands on the other's hips.
"Could any of those little entitled dickheads who always flex at you from the gym window," he slams in hard here, causing a wrecked, echoing cry to burst from swollen lips, "Fuck you like I'm fucking you right now?"

"No!" Katsuki yells desperately.
He feels Kirishima so deep inside of him, touching places that he's never dreamed of in his wildest dreams. And the redhead is /relentless/, never stopping. Never slowing down.

As a matter of fact, he's starting to move faster, using his own hips as handlebars.
"Such a fucking mouthy little brat," he grunts, watching himself disappear into the smaller man repeatedly, letting his loud cries ring in his ears like the sweetest music. "Look at you now. Crying on my dick while I'm not even fucking you with my full power."
And it was true. Big, fat tears were rolling down those flushed cheeks, his mouth open and wet as he cried his pleasure out to the heavens.

Kirishima laughs, soft and mocking as he goes from harsh, stabbing thrusts of his hips to soft, grinding rolls deep inside.
Watches with a sick kind of glee as Katsuki's eyes roll straight into the back of his head, his hands flying out, searching for something to ground him as his soul tries to flee his body.

"Ah! Kirish-!"

The redhead slams him down twice, hard, before resuming his slow movements.
It steals the words right from his brain, and Kirishima's replace them.

"Who would have guessed that a virgin could be such a little slut," he coos at him, looming over his twitching body to grin at his face. "You're loving this, aren't you?"
Katsuki couldn't answer even if he wanted to, too busy choking on his own tears as he was pounded into nothing.

And then he was too busy /actually/ choking, Kirishima's warm, rough hand wrapping around his neck and squeezing slowly.
"You're such a pretty thing," he whispered, planting little kisses on his wet, open mouth as he continued to gently grind deep inside of him. "So young and sexy and untouched. Never would have thought you'd let me fuck you. You don't even know how often I've imagined it."
He briefly unclenches his hand, letting Katsuki suck in a quick, desperate breath before squeezing again, loving the bright red flush rising from his perky nipples all the way up to his tear stained cheeks.

"Do you even realize how lucky I am?"
"I get to take your first time. I get to fuck you, break you, ruin you for anyone else. Everyone else."

Katsuki used the last bit of his air to moan weakly, his eyes rolling back as he arched underneath the bigger male as much as he was allowed, dick hard and aching for release.
"P-please," he cried out softly, nails digging deep, crescent shaped marks into large arms. "Please-!"

Kirishima's moan is loud and filthy in his ear, his thrusts becoming harsh and deep once again. "Fuck yeah, that's it. Beg for me, pretty boy."
He moans like the filthiest whore ever to exist, hoarse cries and whining, broken moans filling the air around them. And with every moan, Kirishima becomes that much rougher, digging his fingers roughly into pretty pale thighs until he can see the bruises forming.
Biting down on cute, pink nipples until his teeth marks are etched into his skin. Fucking him with a force that turns his ass cheeks redder and redder with each thrust.

Kirishima was right about one thing.

He was going to be ruined for anyone else.
He moans into another sloppy kiss, his dick leaking onto his belly as his weirdly sharp teeth bite at his bottom lip before a warm, wet tongue licks across it to soothe the burn.
He can feel his orgasm in his stomach, building and building, a powerful, unstoppable force that is is no way, shape or form like any other orgasm he's ever had.

It makes him feral, nails becoming sharp and savage as he begs openly and loudly.
"Please! Please!" He sobs out, his voice echoing through the room along with the slap of skin on skin and Kirishima's hungry, eager growls. "'M gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

"And you're gonna look so pretty when you do," the older man purrs into his ear.
A rough, work worn hand reaching down to wrap tight and wet around his dick, jerking him off quickly.

"Cum for me, baby boy. Wanna see. Wanna feel it."

And Katsuki is helpless to do anything but obey, his voice breaking on a scream as white splashes across his skin.
The amount isn't much, but the orgasm shakes him to his core, his body locking down tight as he works through the aftershocks. And it seems that little bit if extra stimulation is all that Kirishima needs.

He cums seconds later with a strangled growl of completion.
Filling the smaller man with, frankly, a ridiculously large amount of cum, his hips twitching forward eagerly as he emptied himself of everything he had to offer while muttering sweet nothing into his ear.

"Pretty baby, so good for me, came so sweet, you did so well-!"
And Katsuki moans brokenly, feeling himself be filled with that warm, wet heat that makes his softening dick twitch ever so slightly.

They collapse together in a tangle of sweaty limbs, breathing like they'd just finished a marathon. And to be fair, they might as well have.
"Fucking shit," Katsuki eventually mumbles, blinking bleary eyes up at the ceiling.

Kirishima hums, pressing soft, warm kisses to his neck. "I agree. Should have seduced you sooner."

"Hah? First of all, I seduced you."

The snort that bursts from his throat is scathing.
"Sure you did, Mr. 'Maybe I'm Loose'."

Katsuki squawks, smacking at his shoulders uselessly.

"Shut the fuck up! Get off me! I hate you!"

The red head laughs loudly as he curses him, continuing to press kisses to that pale skin while he rages.
This is definitely going to be an interesting relationship.

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