As you know by now I love the idea of ancient high technology. So I will post excerpts of videos I like from now onwards. Today Brien Foerster at #Baalbek Lebanon. These stones are insanely heavy and precise. #GreatAwakening #ancienthightechnology
This is Brien Foerster at a little known #megalithic site at #Vilcashuaman #Peru with evidence of #cataclysmic damage hitting from the east (important!). Oldest work always the finest, similar to egypt. #GreatAwakening #ancienthightechnology
Since I believe there is a connection of what @POTUS said at the UN in 2019 I will post them here.
The mysterious #Tanis in #Egypt some may know from Indiana Jones l , but in reality it is full of evidence of #ancienthightechnology and #cataclysmic evidence roughly 12000 years ago. Brien Foerster about Tanis. #GreatAwakening
Another example of incredible #ancienthightechnology and evidence of a great #cataclysm are the Colossi of Memnon in #Egypt , each made from one block of Quarzite (not possible at 1500BC) and transported 700km. Brien Foerster at the site. #GreatAwakening #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
One of the best cases for #ancienthightechnology can be made at #PumaPunku in the highlands of #Bolivia. The iconic H shaped blocks are of a hardness and precision not possible to have been created by the natives. Brien Foerster. #GreatAwakening
Since when I was a kid I loved the story of #Atlantis. The timeframe Plato gave hinted to the catastrophy about the time of the younger dryas. The question is where it was if it existed.Bright Insight on YouTube has a theory about the mysterious Richat Structure. #GreatAwakening
Today I present to you the famous #easterisland from a whole new perspective. Brien Foerster. #GreatAwakening #AncientHighTechnology #TheGreatAwakening
One of the main questions that need to be answered is when and how those ancient civilizations were destroyed. Randall Carlson has researched this topic for years. Here in a podcast with Joe Rogan from YouTube about the younger dryas. #TheGreatAwakening #ancienthightechnology
Interesting new tweet about the younger dryas cataclysm Randall Carlson described above.
Since I havn't updated in a longer period of time and it is a lazy sunday I add a new vid from Brien Foerster of the Osirion in egypt. Megalithic structure of insane accuracy and precision impossible for the dynastic egyptians. #ancienthightechnology #GreatAwakening
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