While we cancelling amber can we also cancel jknews mainly Bart and joe I used 2 watch justkidding news but when I heard bart say the n word and never apologize for it I had to unsubscribe.
Here's another one:
And another one:
I dont care if you were raised in the hood and I dont care if you consider yourself a minority that still doesnt give you the right to say the n word. There were more videos of Bart saying the n word on jknews but it must have gotten deleted.
When us black subscribers confronted them in the comments about saying the n word we got dragged by nbpoc and white subscribers they made excuses for them and told us "its not a big deal" and to "get over it its just a word."
It's only just a word when it dosen't effect you.
Oh and another thing Bart also did blackface.
A thread for people who still don't see a problem with NBPOC saying the N word. https://twitter.com/femalehokage22/status/1186505902003589121?s=19
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