There is none so blind as he who will not see.

Mueller report needed to be released to clear Trump. It did, and Mueller's testimony verified it.

Corruption in the FBI needed to be removed before full investigations could begin. Lop levels of the FBI have been fired or quit.
Corruption in the DOJ had to be removed before prosecutions could begin. Top levels in DOJ have been fired or quit.

Sessions knew what had happened but couldn't testify if he lead the investigation. His job was clearing out leakers and corruption in the FBI and DOJ. He did that.
Then Sessions appointed Huber and Durham to investigate. Huber investigating Clinton e-mail, pay-for-play, and Clinton Foundation. Durham investigated FBI leaks, corruption, and FISC abuse.
Corrupt judges needed to be replaced before trials could begin. Trump appointed over 150 federal judges so far. 9th Court of Appealed is now conservative as well as several others.
Mueller cleared Trump.

Horowitz investigation exposes the corruption and illegal activities in FBI, DOJ, giving a basis for a criminal investigation. Horowitz needs no basis to investigate. He's an internal auditor.
Dems will object to conclusions in the Horowitz Report, giving rise to the need to declassify documents and testamony. Trump already gave Horowitz and Barr the authority to declassify anything they thing appropriate.
With Horowitz 2nd report released (1st was Comey, 2nd is FBI and FISC abuse) Durham is now free to complete investigations and prosecute. Grand Jury already convened by Durham because of referrals from Horowitz.
Q laid this all out almost two years ago. If Q is a LARP, he has some amazing sources. If it's a conspiracy theory, it's been quite accurate.


Some people are surprised it's happening. Some refuse to see it.

Many of us already knew.
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