Since I finished my Data Arcana yesterday, putting together a #dnd dice set for Inhapi, my grave domain cleric who follows the ancient Egyptian pantheon. Here’s the d6! Each symbol has a meaning that corresponds to one of the ability stats.
The d20, with the Eye of Ra (technically the Eye of Wadjet, but similar meaning) as the 20 and the serpent Apep as the 1. The two deities represent cosmic order and chaos, and so the character is embodied by the concept of their duality. #dnd
Gonna chill for the night and pick back up tomorrow :)
Here’s the d4! The number 4 represented the idea of completeness and stability, depicted in art as, e.g., 4 columns or parts of the djed (no. 5 on the d6). On this di, the 4 is replaced by the shen which symbolized symmetry, infinity, and eternal protection in the afterlife. #dnd
The d12 is also a duality di. The crown is one of several heiroglyphs representing the pharoah’s power and rulership, and the club hieroglyph means servant. I was originally trying to stick with divine-related imagery but this was the best way to portray power and weakness. #dnd
I didn’t like the implication of the hieroglyph for servant being a club, so I switched it out on the d12 for the hieroglyph for a gift or offering. It still retains the power/weakness duality but with a less violent connotation. #dnd
Finished the d10s! Both feature the lotus flower, or sesen. Lotuses open and close in the morning and evening, so they were an important religious symbol of life and rebirth, used in ceremonies as offerings and decoration. #dnd
Last, the d8. The 8 is a scarab, associated with the god of sunrise and a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. The emo cloud for the 1 is associated with the goddess of sunset and a symbol of duat, the underworld. The duality of life and death is the essence of my character. #dnd
Here’s the whole set! I LOVE them. Playing with a historical pantheon already gives this character so much depth, and doing projects like this really helps me get into her head and bring the gameplay alive. Can’t wait to debut them tomorrow! #dnd
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