#JNU was established in 1969 with the intention of creating not just any other university but one that creates new faculties, including scientific socialism & to ensure that noble ideas were kept in mind & to provide accessibility to students from weaker sections of society.
"Indian School of International Studies" merged with JNU in June 1970. After the merger, the prefix "Indian" was dropped & it became the "School of International Studies" of the #JNU.

Nehru's name remained, but "Indian" in the name was too much for them?
#JNU is known to have deep ties with the Communist party & hence has the reputation of an "unruly bastion of Marxist revolution." Student activists claim that the politics at JNU is issue-based & intellectual.

However, it seems otherwise.
Lot of past students now occupy important political/bureaucratic positions. Hugely because of the influence of Left-Centric student politics & the fact that noted  #CPI  leader Prakash Karat contributed towards writing the constitution for the uni during his education at JNU.
24th Oct 2008, SC halted JNU elections & banned JNUSU for violating recommendations of Lyngdoh committee. After a lot of negotiations from various parties, ban was lifted on 8th Dec 2011. On 1st Mar 2012, interim elections were scheduled again after a gap of more than four years.
In April 2000, India-Pak Mushaira was also held in JNU where Pakistani poets even recited poems that criticized India. Enraged, 2 Army officers even tried to stop the Mushaira but the students beat them up & the officers were later hospitalized.
In 2010 "JNU Forum Against War on People" was organised to oppose Govt's Operation Green Hunt. As per NSUI, the meeting was organised by Democratic Students Union (DSU) & All India Students Association (AISA) to "celebrate the killing of 76 CRPF personnel in Chhattisgarh."
In 2015, JNUSU & ASIA had objections to the efforts to create instruction on Indian culture. Rather than the Indianness of it, Student Unions baselessly associated it with saffronise education. Proposed courses were thus "rolled back."
On 9th Feb 2016, a cultural evening was organised by 10 students, formerly of the DSU at the Sabarmati Dhaba, against the execution of Afzal Guru & separatist leader Maqbool Bhat, & for Kashmir's right to self-determination.
#AntiIndian slogans like "Pakistan Z!nd@bad", "Kashmir ki azadi tak jung chalegi, Bharat ki barbadi tak jung chalegi" were reportedly raised at the protest. ABVP protested at the University demanding expulsion of student organisers.
JNU administration ordered a "disciplinary" enquiry into the holding of the event despite permission being denied, saying it's only & only Anti-National to talk about a country's disintegration.
Delhi Police arrested the JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar & Umar Khalid on charges of sedition & criminal conspiracy, under section 124 of the Indian Penal Code dating back to 1860.
The arrest soon turned into a major political controversy & several leaders of opposition parties visited JNU campus in solidarity with the students protesting against the police crackdown.
More than 600 Academics, JNU Alumni  & World Leading Scholars released a statement in support of the students & called it a "shameful act of the Indian government" to invoke sedition laws formulated during colonial times to silence criticism.
A 200-page document was prepared by a group of 11 JNU teachers in 2015 & was released to a few journalists which describes JNU as a den of organised sex racket. They also claimed that sex workers inside JNU hostel messes are a common thing.

Over one thousand boys and girls students have been fined between Rs 2000-5000 for consuming alcohol & indulging in immoral activities in their hostels. Even casually, one can see hundreds of empty alcohol bottles at the hostel gates.
Sex workers openly employed in hostel messes, not only lured JNU girls into their organized racket but also pollute the boys.

Administartion wonders as to how Luxurious cars move around the hostels particularly in the night, when students claim to be from humble backgrounds.
Some security staff is also involved in this racket. Money, sex, drugs & alcohol are tools through which freshers are being lured into this ring.

32-35 year old students? At this age we are already on our career path and are very crucial years in building a strong foundation.
Students recently while protesting #JNUFeeHike indulged in vandalism, goonism as well as harassing & tearing off clothes of Professors.

All they were asked to do is pay for their accommodation, maintenance & others costs which is still very low compared to most organizations.
Soon to be unveiled #SwamiVivekananda statue was vandalised as #JNUFeeHike protests continued despite a partial rollback. Pedestal of the statue was littered with objectionable messages.

“You are not our VC. Go back to your Sangh,” was written one of the doors to VC’s office.
At times it is surprising how JNU Students are able to afford such lavish lifestyle, while they protest paying nominal education & accommodation related charges.

How they oppose everything that's Indian, but support everything that's #AntiIndian.
Strongly urging Hon PM @narendramodi Ji & Hon HM @AmitShah Ji to take action against #JNU.

Please clean it up from the roots, or #ShutDownJNU.
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