Thread on Guns in use in Somalia

- Assault Rifles
- Pistols
- Machine guns
- Vehicle mounted guns

Lets start with the Assault rifles today

Two varients which are almost identically but just differ in the weight and the M in the AKM variet standing for modern.

Taking the same caliber round 7.62x39mm
- Type 56

Another popular AK varient known as Type 56 or Kuuriyaan in Somali.

Difference is that its very heavy + bayonet

Mainly used by AMISON but i have seen aged ones being used ASWJ

Difference is that this one has a foldable stock, ideal for CQB
- vz. 58
In Somali its called Ali shucaac😂idk how that name came about

This is a Czechoslovakian gun and still is in use in Somalia
There has been two main guns that the Turks have been Providing the troops in TurkSom Academy with.

Lets start with the most well known

MPT-76, it takes the same rounds as the AK so that also removes the need for a new supply of Ammo type.
The other is the HK varient,

-HKG3/HK33, not exactly sure of the exact model number as they look nearly identical.

But im going to assume its the HK G3 as that one takes the same caliber as the other guns mentioned above
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