Over 50% of women would have tried to conceive earlier if they had known they would face fertility challenges. And many wind up "involuntarily childless" due to having delayed childbearing.

Going through fertility treatments is emotionally, physically, and financially taxing. Many going through this feel isolated. After I wrote about my experience for @TIME, many women contacted me to let me know how alone they had felt when they sought treatment.

A single cycle of IVF can cost more than $20,000, and insurance often does not cover this at all.

We argue for specific strategies to address these challenges.

1. Increase education and awareness about fertility
2. Provide insurance coverage for and access to fertility assessment and management
3. Support trainees and physicians undergoing fertility treatments

As 3 women who have sought treatment for fertility, we have all faced the possibility of being involuntarily childless. I don't wish that for anyone. We need to be talking about family planning early & often, and institutions need to be supportive, both emotionally & financially.
Here's the piece I wrote for @TIME: http://time.com/5484506/fertility-egg-freezing/

I've since done 2 more cycles for a grand total of 0 frozen eggs. There are other options, but boy do I wish I could turn back the clock.

The least we can do is prevent others from being in this boat. Pls share.

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