Today is #WorldDiabetesDay. Can’t think of a better opportunity to talk about the deadly high costs of insulin and the #Insulin4all movement. A thread. /1
Eventually, insulin ended up being produced by 3 manufacturers, and different forms of the drug [email protected] market. Here’s what’s happened to the prices over the last few decades. /3
Today, @P4AD_ put out this great report with data and stories. Warning* It will make you angry. Read it then share it widely. /6
It’s infuriating. But! Diabetes patients across the country are courageously sharing their experiences and pushing for action. It’s incredibly inspiring. My friend and súper activist, @Kidfears99 is always sharing news and stories. You should follow her and #Insulin4all. /7
And, now @RepHorsford is fearlessly leading the charge to lower insulin and other drug prices in Congress. /9
I’ll end here. We’ve made some progress, and it’s worth acknowledging. But, on #WorldDiabetesDay, we should all commit to joining the fight to lower insulin prices. No one should be priced out of staying alive.
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