To say what should be obvious, Trump really isn't on trial in these hearings. The evidence of impeachable offenses has been overwhelming for weeks. What's really happening is a sort of trial of the GOP 1/
Anyone who's been awake for the past three years knew that Rs would defend Trump no matter what. It was also obvious that they would eventually try to smear the witnesses and peddle nutso conspiracy theories 2/
But they did all that ON THE FIRST DAY. And it didn't work, except in the alternative Fox News universe. So I'm wondering what comes next. Do the conspiracy theories get even crazier, accusing everyone of being on Soros's payroll? 3/
Or will there be something even further out of the box? A mass GOP walkout? A staged Brooks Brothers riot? Don't say I'm being silly — they've got nothing, and will do anything to hide that reality 4/
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