3/ We also know Schiff used the substance of the whistleblower's complaint before it was made public for over a month to hurt the president politically and lay the groundwork for the Dem impeachment effort. Note this Schiff tweet from August. https://twitter.com/RepAdamSchiff/status/1166867471862829056?s=20
5/ Now Schiff says he does not know the identity of the whistleblower and will try to punish GOP House member who name him. Let's explore this illogical and incongruous position.
6/ First, it is impossible to believe that the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee would push for the impeachment of a president based on a complaint from a CIA employee he does not know the identity of and has never met. Schiff is not that incompetent.
7/ And even if one could believe Schiff avoided meeting the WB and being informed by his staff about his identity and background, this information has already been reported in the media and is all over the Internet. Obviously Schiff knows who the WB is.
8/ One also wonders how Schiff could reprimand House GOP members for naming the WB when Schiff says he doesn't know the WB's name.
9/ Finally, as to Schiff's claim he needs to protect the WB, one has to ask what he is protecting him from. This person is one of 1000s of Trump haters in the DC area. This includes many Trump-hating officials in intel agencies who will ensure the WB is not retaliated against.
10/ @RepAdamSchiff once wanted the WB to testify to the @HouseIntelComm. He changed his mind when the WB's collaboration with intel committee Dem staff and probably Schiff as well as the WB's partisan background became public.
11/ This is the real reason why @RepAdamSchiff wants to keep the identity of the CIA whistleblower secret and refuses to let him testify.
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